Year by year, the rapid evolution of mass spread technologies paired with the desire for a more flexible lifestyle pushes professionals around the world to enter the remote working scene. We’ve seen in recent years how the term “office” becomes more and more dated. Aesthetic cafes with Wi-Fi and available plugs have replaced traditional office spaces.

Who said that working needs to be monotonous? If you are an adventurous one, keep reading because we did the research for you! Here are 4 of the most remote work-friendly cities around the world in 2024. So pack your suitcase, your laptop and don’t forget your charger because it’s gonna be a world tour!

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome to Lisbon! The Portuguese capital is known for its amazing mediterranean climate, its lively cultural scene and its friendly people. Lisbon has improved its internet infrastructure up to a point that is becoming one of the most popular places that digital nomads choose to work from. Graphic designers and art-related jobs tend to gravitate the most to Lisbon because of its creative atmosphere and, of course, its coffee. We can’t forget about the coffee.

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2. New Taipei City, Taiwan

If you are looking for an adventure between working hours Taiwan it’s your place to be. Buzzing lights, the most advanced technologies, a great cafe culture and free Wi-Fi access around the city, these are some of the things that make New Taipei City an amazing place for digital nomads. Also, Taiwan, is one of the most foreign-friendly destinations in Asia, locals usually are friendlly and approachable creating social harmony between people.

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3. Valencia, Spain

Prepare your suncreen because our next destination is Valencia! Just imagine… A hammock, the coastal breeze filling your lungs and the sun shinning above your head. Now that’s what we call the perfect day at work. Maybe we are a little bit idealistic but we can assure that the city of Valencia is worthy of its fame.

Digital nomads not only get attracted by Valencia’s weather but also for its free wi-fi around the city, its welcoming people, and a very low crime rate. But on top of that, and what digital nomads value the most is the peace and tranquility that the city irradiates. Sometimes the stress of work can take its toll on you, it’s because of this, that destinations such as Valencia are very popular between digital nomads. 

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4. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most culturally rich cities in all Europe. Nationalities form all over the world come together in this city, creating a beautiful mosaic of cultures. Thanks to that, digital nomads also get attracted by Barcelona’s charm. The Catalan capital is renowned for its unique blend of sunshine, charismatic urban vibes and seaside charm. Let the city surround you by its modernist architecture and cultural scene. Barcelona is a place where meeting new people, creating friendships and plenty of oportunities to take. Trully a city with its own soul.

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As the world evolves, so do the possibilities for remote professionals. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start in a new city, experience different cultures or you’re just in need for a change of scenery, these four cities might be just what you’re seeking. Wherever your journey takes you, may these cities inspire you to take in a new adventure.

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