Bucharest has been getting a lot of buzz lately for its blossoming coffee scene. The Romanian capital boasts a number of great cafés and coffee shops that whip up delicious caffeine creations on the daily. Here are 10 spots where you can grab a cup of coffee in Bucharest that you won’t soon forget!


Origo is the most famous name in Bucharest, for good reason. This coffee shop roasts its own beans which then become top-quality cups of coffee, using the latest methods and machines in coffee technology. While Origo is a quite popular, it is always filled with a nice mix of locals and travelers. Even better, come nighttime Origo specializes in stellar cocktails!

Address: Strada Lipscani, 9

T-Zero Specialty Coffee Shop

T-Zero is a hip coffee shop with specialty coffee, using beans from predominantly South America and Africa. The menu isn’t very extensive, but covers all of the drinks that you would expect. The baristas exhibit their skill and training with each hand-crafted beverage. The shop is small, so this is a great option if you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee in Bucharest.

Address: Strada Dianei, 1


M60 is a great option for newbies to the specialty coffee scene. This relaxed coffee shop is warm and inviting and not as hip and trendy as many of the others. The beautifully-designed café not only offers great coffee in Bucharest, but also some of the best breakfast and snacks. Also worth noting is that the menu has vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, too!

Address: Strada D.I. Mendeleev, 2

Beans & Dots

Beans & Dots is unique in that they get their beans from Berlin and not from a local roaster. This spot in the center of Bucharest is the perfect place to get a cup of coffee and snack to go with it. It attracts many who like to come and sip on their coffee while they work for a bit. Join Bucharest’s creative crowd and grab a tasty coffee at Beans & Dots!

Address: Strada Ion Brezoianu, 27


Acuarela Amazing Coffee in Bucharest

Acuarela is a quirky, artistic café that welcomes you in with vibrancy and color. A summer garden full of colorful umbrellas and a house with an authentic colorful design, Acuarela is a small bistro for the bohemian Bucharestians & travelers. Vintage decorations and color can be found everywhere throughout the café and its terrace. While you sip on your custom cup of coffee, you can even create your own art! Ask for some brushes, paints, and paper and the baristas will gladly set you up.

Acuarela Amazing Coffee in Bucharest

Address: Strada Polonă 40


Steam is a local favorite because it’s simple, but always consistently turns out a wonderful cup of coffee. The baristas use single-origin coffee for both espresso and filter beverages. This small coffeehouse not only has some of the best coffee in Bucharest, you can also grab some delicious baked goods and treats. The baristas are known to make beautiful latte art creations, so keep your eyes open for something amazing!

Address: Strada Visarion, 2

Dianei 4

Dianei 4 gets its beans from Origo, so you can expect a high-quality cup of coffee every time. This is a popular brunch spot, and a delicious cup of coffee is a breakfast staple. The café is housed in a 19th-century villa which was then renovated. It shows an interesting contrast between Bucharest’s past and present to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Address: Strada Dianei, 4


Guido is the place for real coffee lovers to come together and appreciate an authentic, hand-crafted caffeine creation. The brainchild of a pair of coffee-loving friends and local, Guido aims to educate the public about the world of quality coffee. You can sign up for coffee cupping sessions that happen on Tuesdays and Saturdays to taste awesome coffee and learn all about the coffee process!

Address: Strada Mihai Eminescu, 182


Frudisiac is known around town for their mouth-watering brunch spread, but the locals also know it’s a go-to for terrific coffee in Bucharest. The food is healthy and focused on fresh, high-quality ingredients, and is perfectly accompanied by a number of caffeinated drinks. This café has a Scandinavian influence, which is reflected on the menu and interior.

Address: Intrarea Bitolia, 4

Coftale Specialty Coffee Shop

Coftale gets their perfectly-roasted beans from Origo, Guido, and other coffeehouses in Bucharest, so these high-quality beans assure amazing coffee. The baristas show off their skills with each cup. Coftale also has delicious food options, most noteworthy are their pancakes, a local favorite. Whatever you order with your coffee, you’re sure to love it!

Address: Strada Ștefan Mihăileanu


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