Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate means that it has quite pleasant weather all round. Mild winters and hot summers bring travelers to this beautiful city no matter what the season is. However, knowing a little bit about the weather will help you know what to pack for Barcelona and prepare for your trip more effectively. That way, you can save more room in your suitcase for all the great souvenirs you’ll want to bring back!



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Springtime breathes new life back to Barcelona as the temperatures start to rise, the sun comes out, and flowers are in full bloom. If you want to beat the crowds in summer and still enjoy pleasant, sunny weather, spring is a great time to travel to Barcelona. The average temperature in March is 15°C, April’s is 17°C, and May’s is 23°C. As you can see, you can perfectly well begin to enjoy the beach in May, one of the main draws of Barcelona! The spring is relatively dry, with about 35-55mm of rainfall expected throughout these months. Most importantly, you’ll be in for around 8 hours of sunshine every day, on average.

What to pack for Barcelona:

  • Bring a light jacket, even better if it’s waterproof to protect you against unexpected spring showers.
  • March and April are still relatively cool, so you’ll need long pants and close-toed shoes. If you visit Barcelona in mid-to-late May, you will want to bring a combination of spring and summer clothes: short sleeves, a light sweater for chilly nights, and a variety of pants and shorts. The weather is known to change during these months, so it’s best to be prepared!
  • Note: springtime is allergy season in Barcelona as a lot of pollen is released into the air from various trees and plants. If you are an allergy sufferer, it may be a good idea to pack some medicines like pills or nasal sprays.


Summer in Barcelona is hot and humid, reaching peak temperatures in August. Barcelona is a coastal city, so the summer is travel season so that tourists can experience the city’s beaches and summertime activities. The average temperature in June is 25°C, 29°C in July, and a balmy 30°C in August. June and July are quite dry, but August can get rainy, with an average of 62mm of rain. Knowing all of this will help you know what to pack for Barcelona in summer. The weather in Barcelona is quite hot and often feels hotter due to the high humidity. However, you can enjoy 9-10 hours of sunlight every day!

What to pack for Barcelona

  • You’ll need clothes that will keep you cool: think short sleeves and shorts made from breathable materials.
  • Be sure to pack comfy shoes and sandals for walking
  • As well as items to protect you from the sun like sunglasses and/or a hat. Sunscreen is available everywhere, so if you don’t want to pack it you can pick some up.
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit!



Mild temperatures and plenty of sun are still commonplace in Barcelona in the fall. The temperature in September is usually around a fantastic 22°C, 18°C in October, and 13°C in November. Fall is the rainiest month as the seasons begin to change around mid-August. September and October receive between 75-87mm of rainfall, but November stays relatively dry. Sunlight drops to about 5-8 hours a day, depending on the month. September and October still have great weather, but keep in mind that winter often begins to set in during November.

What to pack for Barcelona

  • If you visit Barcelona in September, you will need to pack a mix of summer and fall clothing, focusing on versatile clothing like light sweaters, layers, and breathable materials.
  • In October and November you’ll definitely need a jacket and heavier clothing.
  • Be sure to pack an umbrella and clothes that are rain-resistant for those rainy days.


Winter in Barcelona is quite mild when compared to other countries in Europe, and there’s something so special about visiting during the holiday festivities. The average temperature is around 10 or 11°C December through February, with 35-41mm of rain, typically. Considering these factors, and that there is still 4-7 hours of sunshine every day, the weather in Barcelona in the winter is still quite nice. Keep in mind that nights can get quite cold so you’ll want appropriate clothing to keep you warm.

What to pack for Barcelona

  • Bring a warm jacket, scarf, and gloves to keep you warm walking around outside, and pants, sweaters, and appropriate footwear for both day and night.
  • Even though it is colder in the winter, it is still quite sunny. Bring something to protect your eyes and face from prolonged sun exposure if you plan on being outside during the day.
  • Comfortable boots or shoes to keep your feet warm when walking.

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