Sitges is a Mediterranean pearl situated just 30 minutes from Barcelona.
This beautiful city is full of wonders you wouldn’t expect, just waiting to be discovered. To give you an idea of how many thrilling activities you can enjoy in this Catalan city, we have selected 5 of the best activities you can’t absolutely miss. Check them out!

1. Hit Sitges’ golden beaches

One of the perks of staying in Sitges it having the possibility of enjoying its long, golden beach every day. The water here is crystal clear and you are just one step to the charming Old Town. While sunbathing, you’ll be able to enjoy a breathtaking view to the Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu, which is ideally located above the beach and create a painting-like landscape.

2. Visit the Museu Cau Ferrat

This amazing museum was the mansion of the Catalan artist Santiago Rusiñol, who built it in 1890. Upon his death he donated the house and all his artistic content (original paintings, sculptures, ceramics etc.) to the city of Sitges, with the condition of making it a museum available to everybody to visit.

3. Explore the Iglesia de San Bartolomé y Santa Tecla

This beautiful church is a famous Sitges icon, overlooking the main beach and creating a unique landscape. You can sit in the square in front of the church and enjoy its stunning view on the Mediterranean or visit inside and admire the beautiful interiors.

4. Party at Sitges Carnival

If you have the chance to visit Sitges during February, you can’t absolutely miss the Carnival. This incredible one-week long event is well known around the world for its colourful and festive celebrations and attracts over than 250,000 party goers each year. During the Carnival week there are plenty of activities organized, such as the massive parades which feature more than 50 specially designed floats and joined by over 3,000 dancers.

5. Taste the best seafood at a typical restaurant

When speaking about tasting seafood in a local restaurant, Sitges has plenty of choice to offer. The Catalan city is in fact famous for having some of the best seafood restaurants of the region. After a day exploring the city you can just sit in one of the many inviting restaurants along the promenade or in the Old City, you won’t be disappointed!

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