At Olala Homes, we are committed to creating an innovative and sustainable experience for our guests to enjoy their time away from home. 

Olala Homes is mainly present in urban areas where the impact of tourism is substantial. Being conscious of this challenge gives us more determination to drive sustainable initiatives and lead the vacation rental industry to care more for the long-term benefit for our guests, local people and the environment alike.

Following the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations in 2015, we focus our efforts on four main pillars: 

  • Environmental protection 
  • Employee welfare
  • Social impact
  • local culture

Many actions are now taking place, many more are yet to come, and all are based on innovation, people empowerment and data analysis.

Environmental protection

Olala Homes promotes the use of public or low emissions transports by offering our guests, prior to their arrival to the accommodation, up-to-date and accurate information on the available means of public transport.

We also think energy and water must be responsibly consumed. We have developed initiatives that will help us understand and better control our energy use and our carbon footprint. What about our waste? We have been maximizing recycling and the proper disposal of the waste prior to its treatment. 

We are implementing a sustainable procurement policy which includes criteria and requirements related to social, cultural and environmental factors. For instance, we prioritize local suppliers, ecological, zero-mile, fair trade, certified and recognized products and services.

What’s more, we take part in external activities on environmental awareness and we continuously update our staff, our guests and society about the company’s environmental progress and actions.

Employee welfare 

We believe our human capital is the most valuable asset we have. Olala Homes is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in our company. We embrace and encourage our employees’ differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin and other characteristics that make our employees unique.

But that is not all…

We also want our people to stay healthy and smart! All our team members and guests are strongly encouraged to adopt healthy life practices (physical exercise, healthy eating, cycling, etc.) and sustainability training and awareness-raising resources are offered to our team members and guests.

Social impact

As a responsible employer, Olala Homes has a fundamental respect for the value of human life and dignity, and wants to foster a culture of respect and consideration. We want to be a good place to work for our employees and strive to develop talent, teamwork and diversity. We pay due attention to the rights and interests of employees, guests, local communities and other stakeholders affected by our business. We see respect for the rights and interests of others as necessary to be a trusted company and for achieving our vision of the hospitality future.

This vision is also based on our integrated use of technology and is unique and innovative, as it allows us to provide the best guest care while boosting efficiency. This technology stack enables us to communicate effectively and efficiently with both internal teams and external guests. 

Local Impact

We believe tourism could bring people and cultures together in a mutual respect for the benefit of all. Olala Homes offers a real local experience to our guests and we are an active member of the community.

We also participate in local organizations that monitor legislation regulating our industry to ensure we always comply with the latest regulation and local requirements.

In addition, we are starting to develop many actions with local authorities and residents to change the perception of tourism, bring people together and raise awareness about environmental issues.

We have also implemented quiet hours (between 22:00 and 08:00) in all our properties, as many of our lovely properties are located in residential areas. Respect is key!

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