As the temperatures warm up and the days get longer, the residents of Athens know that spring is in the air. With spring comes the buzz and excitement of summer just around the corner and leaving the dark days of winter behind. If you’re planning to spend your holidays in spring in Athens, there’s no better time. The mild climate, smaller crowds, and excitement in the air makes it absolutely perfect!

Walk around the National Garden

A walk through the National Garden is always a good idea, but in spring in Athens, it’s even more special. 38 acres of lush plants, flowers, trees, and vegetation come into full bloom in the spring. Formally the Royal Garden, this remarkable public space also contains duck ponds, ancient ruins, mosaics, and other curiosities to discover. From sunrise to sunset, visitors can wander the winding paths and beautiful trails throughout the garden. Let yourself get lost, and simply enjoy this green lung in the heart of the Greek capital!


Like in many countries around the world, spring is a time to show off the latest fashion and spruce up your wardrobe. Shoppers in Athens love to stroll down the streets lined with unique boutiques and shops to see what the latest trends are and to browse the newest offerings. Especially around Monastiraki Square and throughout Plaka, you’ll find a variety of shopping options that will not only let you discover what’s in style at the moment but will help you find the perfect gift to remember Athens by.

Explore Anafiotika

Spring in Athens means flowers adding a pop of color in the most unexpected of places. If you head up the slopes of the Acropolis and explore Plaka and Anafiotika, you’ll notice blooms of bougainvillea flowers draped over walls and buildings. These pink plants are quite a sight to behold, especially when they are in full bloom.

It’s also in spring when many of the bars and restaurants in this area start setting up their outdoor terraces so that patrons can soak in the stunning views all around. Anafiotika is so charming and picturesque that you will want to simply set up camp on a sunny terrace and enjoy every moment.

Catch stunning sunrises and sunsets

As the days grow longer in the spring, it gives you more time to get to the top of Mount Lycabettus and watch inspiring sunrises and sunsets over Athens. You’ll find some of the best views in the Greek capital from the top of this hill. It’s the perfect way to start or end your day as you say hello to a new one or goodbye to a wonderful day in Athens.

Watch history come to life

History buffs who want to explore all the ruins, museums and ancient sites in the Greek capital should really plan to visit Athens in the spring. The crowds are drastically smaller than in the summer for most of these places, giving you more flexibility to plan your day and see more. The weather in spring in Athens is much milder than in summer, so you can see the sights all day long without worrying about the heat. Spring is the perfect time to explore everything that Athens has to offer!

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