Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend escape, a family-friendly getaway, or an outdoor adventure, you’re guaranteed to find it at Sinaia. Except for its grandeur nature, Sinaia is also blessed with unparalleled cultural heritage. Perched on a densely wooded hill in the Carpathian Mountains, thePeles Castle is on everyone’s list when they visit Sinaia. The German & Italian neo-Renaissance style palace belonged to Carol I, Romania’s first king, who was captivated by the breathtaking landscape and decided to call this land home.

Visiting somewhere new for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. We’ve collected all the information we wish we would have known before going to Sinaia for the first time and put it into one handy post. Here is our 4-step guide for you to be able to enjoy Sinaia & Peles Castle to the fullest.

Step 1: Pick your dates and the length of the trip

A trip to Sinaia is never complete without visiting Peles Castle. To enter the beautiful royal residence, avoid Mondays year-round and Tuesdays in winter. If you’re just stopping by Sinaia for Peles Castle, a day trip is fairly enough. If you’re also eyeing other top attractions in Sinaia, as well as skiing (or hiking in warmer months) in its legendary ski resorts, it is recommended to book a 2-night stay to tick all the boxes.

Step 2: Transportation (especially during the pandemic)

Public transportation in Romania, in general, is at very affordable rates. You will find trains to and from Sinaia every day. Upon arriving, you can easily hop on a bus in Sinaia to head towards the attractions and admire the glamorous scenery along the way. However, in the post-COVID era, it makes sense to cut down on public transportation for more social distance. It is also pleasant to drive to and from and around Sinaia; if you prefer driving less and hike more, the taxi rate is also fairly affordable when you need a ride.

Step 3: Get ready for your visit to Peles Castle

Now that you’re all set for your trip to Sinaia & Peles Castle, here’s what you need to know before arriving at the fabulous Romanian treasure. First, there are 2 types of tickets to choose from: basic exhibition and optional tour. The basic exhibition covers parts of the ground floor, while the optional tour showcases a wider collection of the intact paintings, Murano crystal chandeliers and intricate tapestries and fabrics. If you’d like to take photos or shoot videos, an extra fee is required, and it is recommended to visit the castle early (9:15/10:00 the earliest) to beat the crowd.

Step 4: Responsible tourism – Safety always comes first

If you’re fully vaccinated and looking forward to a long-awaited vacation, bear in mind that only 24% of the Romania population is fully vaccinated. Observing local COVID-19 safety rules is what every traveller should do to minimize negative impact on the local community. Traveling from domestic cities is not restricted, but face masks are mandatory, and there’s a social distancing requirement of 1.5m. As for international travellers, Romania is now welcoming residents, vaccinated or not, from countries around the world except for the ‘red zone’. Visitors from the ‘yellow zone’ can enter Romania using the ‘Green Lane’ dedicated to vaccinated visitors and present a European EU Digital COVID Certificate or proof of a negative PCR test. Visitors from green areas can enter without vaccine certificates, PCR negative proof, or quarantine.

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