Salvador Dalí remains one of the biggest names in the art world to this day. Known for his contributions to the world of Surrealist art, Dalí loved his home as much as his art. Born in the region of Catalonia, there are many spots around Barcelona that you can visit to better understand Salvador Dalí’s art and life. To really get to know the artist and his love of his homeland, here are the places you need to visit!


Salvador Dalí's art is prominently on display at his museum in Figueres!

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Salvador Dalí’s was born in the small town of Figueres, Catalonia in 1904. Even as he traveled the world and lived abroad, his hometown always held a special place in his heart. Because of this, Dalí and the mayor of Figueres decided to design and build a museum on the site of the former theater that first exhibited his early art. Construction began in 1968, and the Dalí Theatre-Museum opened in 1974. The artist’s creativity and imagination are evident everywhere throughout the museum. The labyrinth isn’t like a typical museum, as it holds custom-made furniture, a vast quantity of Dalí’s art, and even his tomb!

The museum in Figueres hosts the largest collection of Salvador
Dalí’s art all in one place. Additionally, the museum also has a collection of art from other artists that Dalí admired. Take special note of the building itself, as you’ll see details everywhere you look. Dalí’s crypt is underneath the theater’s stage, which is another major attraction of the museum.

How to get there: the Dalí Theatre-Museum can be accessed by bus, train, car, and taxi. All information can be found here.

Port Lligat

hAfter you’ve discovered the place where Salvador Dalí was born, the next place you should visit is his home in Port Lligat. This little cove is in the coastal town of Cadaqués on the mesmerizing Costa Brava. Cadaqués is one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa Brava, with whitewashed buildings and views of the sparkling Mediterranean. Dalí built his dream home here, where he lived from 1930 until 1982. The artist lived here with his partner and muse, Gala, until her death in 1982.

Dalí chose Port Lligat as the site of his residence because it reminded him of his childhood summers in Cadaqués. Dalí bought a small house on the coast and over time expanded it and added touches like a stuffed polar bear, an unusually-shaped pool, and his art studio. Everything remains as it was when he and Gala lived there and you can see plenty of Salvador Dalí’s art on display. This whimsical and charming home will give you an inside look into the artist’s personal life and passions, a must for any fan.

Due to popularity, it’s recommended that you plan your visit ahead of time and book your tickets online. You can reach Por Lligat by car or public transportation; information can be found here.


Another essential site for fans of Salvador Dalí is Púbol, a small village in the interior of Girona. In 1968, Dalí bought a Medieval building as a gift for Gala, the love of his life. She went to this place every summer and spent significant time here, usually alone. Dalí never went to visit her there without permission first, as Gala used the Castle of Púbol as her personal sanctuary. After Gala’s death in 1982, Dalí moved there full-time until 1984, when he moved into his Theatre-Museum in Figueres for the remainder of his life.

Salvador Dalí’s art and creativity is evident all over the premises of the Castle of Púbol. There are beautiful gardens on the grounds, sculptures, and even a throne room! The artist’s love and appreciation for Gala is everywhere, including in the crypt where she rests to this day. While Púbol might seem like a secluded area, it’s worth the visit to understand the relationship between Salvador Dalí and Gala. There are several ways to get there, but the easiest ways are by car and train. You can reserve your tickets ahead of time to make planning your visit easy!

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