Kolonaki is one of the most interesting and and upscale neighborhoods in the heart of Athens that offers great shopping, beautiful views, and exquisite dining. Having said that, there is no shortage of restaurants in Kolonaki, ranging from reasonably-priced to high-end. There’s no better place to try authentic Greek cuisine, so here are five great restaurants in Kolonaki where you can try delicious and inspired Greek food!


Kiouzin prides itself on serving traditional Greek food with a twist. Using fresh, local ingredients and with age-old recipes in mind, this restaurant cooks up only the best Greek dishes. In a cozy and inviting atmosphere, you’ll feel like you walked into your Greek grandmother’s kitchen. Even better, Kiouzin prepares many of their dishes with superfood ingredients, following the Mediterranean diet. Be happy, be healthy, and enjoy Greek food at Kiouzin!


Restaurants in Kolonaki
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Athinaia is known for it’s amazing service and inviting ambiance. Indulge in fresh seafood, wonderfully cooked meats, and an array of Greek favorites like tzatziki and moussaka. Falling in the mid-price range, Athinaia is a great restaurant in Kolonaki when you compare price and quality. The restaurant itself is quite beautiful and will make you feel relaxed and at home. If traditional cuisine is what you seek, look no further.

Kalamaki Kolonaki

Kalamaki Kolonaki is affordable, simple, and downright delicious. This restaurant in Kolonaki is less expensive than many of the other Greek restaurants in the neighborhood but lacks none of the quality and flavor. Family-friendly and cozy, you can enjoy Greek favorites like gyro, souvlaki, saganaki, and Greek salad. You simply can’t go wrong with Kalamaki Kolonaki as you can stay on a backpacker’s budget and still eat like royalty!

The Cycladic Café

Restaurants in Kolonaki
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The Cycladic Café is probably one of the most unique places where you can have a meal in Kolonaki. Technically, this is not a restaurant, but it is an eatery located in the the Museum of Cycladic Art in the heart of Athens. This is the perfect place to get a bite to eat after a day full of taking in some of the local culture. The cafe itself feels artistic and beautiful, like an indoor garden fit for a beautiful meal. Local ingredients and authentic recipes have contemporary touches to create clean, intriguing Greek dishes. Eat at The Cycaldic Café for a meal you’ll never forget.


If you’re looking for fish straight from the sea, head on over to Barbounaki. Known for its fish and seafood delicacies, this is definitely one place you don’t want to miss. The house specialty is the restaurant’s namesake, barbounaki, which are small, fried red mullets. There is a wide variety of other fresh seafood dishes, all made with local ingredients and served with a smile.

No matter where you go in Kolonaki, you’re sure to eat well. With so many restaurants in Kolonaki and so much variety, this neighborhood is the place to be in Athens!

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