We believe all travellers have a responsibility to respect wherever the destination we visit. Little by little, our mindset, purchases and choices can have a big impact on the planet.

Plan your trip

While planning your trip, investigate the status quo of the destination. Make sure all the information you collected is up-to-date, obtain travel insurance and go for necessary medical checks. Always follow all the local authorities’ advice and, most importantly, the recommendations in case of an emergency. Check where the products you consume came from to avoid any risk related to infections, allergic reactions, or intolerance of the derivatives.

Be conscious of the risks of travelling and take all the necessary precautions.

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Consume local products

Support the local community by consuming products or services produced in the destination country and which the benefits are shared across the most vulnerable groups.

Meanwhile, only buy the products or services you need and at the right price, to avoid instability inside the local economy, as well as the living conditions of the owners and employees from local businesses.

Promote the local development of the destination by consuming their products and local services.

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Learn new customs

Learn about the cultural aspects of the destination you’re going to visit (customs, food, languages or dialects, traditions, cultural heritage, etc.) Meanwhile, make sure you know the social rules to avoid exhibiting offensive or humiliating behaviours to your host community. Furthermore, be a good example of tolerance – create mutual learning opportunities between local people and travellers, and avoid conflicts or undesired situations.

Share and learn about your host community, and respect their values and traditions

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Preserve the ecosystem

Only consume products, services, and experiences that guarantee the sustainable consumption of the local aquatic and terrestrial resources and those that respect the natural habitat and avoid animal abuse. Behave responsibly – avoid producing waste, and collaborate with local sanitation and cleaning programs to avoid deteriorating biodiversity.

Contribute to the conversation, protection, and regeneration of the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the destination

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Respect diversity

Lift barriers that limit the integration of people due to gender, religion, sexual orientation, economical situations, etc. Avoid sexist languages, offensive comments and stereotypical labels. Furthermore, provide equal access for everyone, especially those who have different mobility and communication needs, and respecting the spaces or services intended for that use.

Respect diversity and avoid discriminatory activities.

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Minimize environmental impact

Choose products, services or experiences that guarantee the smart and efficient management and use of water and energetic resources, consuming just the ones that generate less impact in the environment and can also be recycled or reused. Avoid excessive use of water and choose transportation with less or zero pollution emissions. Moreover, calculate your carbon footprint and compensate for it as much as you can.

Consume responsibly and be a part of sustainable resources management.

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Protect local heritage

Pay attention to how the destination is managed and the infrastructure that composes it (buildings, transportation, households, public spaces, etc.) so your visit doesn’t affect the local life. Also, contribute to the conservation of tourist attractions, following the rules and the ways designed for preservation and protection.

Enhance the sustainability of heritage and the infrastructure of the destination.

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Embrace technology to shape the future

Wherever possible, prioritize products, services and experiences that integrate new technologies and innovative methods which contribute to the sustainability of the destination through saving or better use of the resources.

Choose products, services or experiences that boost the sustainability of the destination by implementing new technology.

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Promote fair employment

Consume products that are locally manufactured with decent and fair labour, and that avoid sexual and child exploitation, animal abuse or unhealthiness. Treat all staff respectfully, no matter whether they work in companies in the destinations you are travelling, or if they are in your own community.

Promote decent and fair labour conditions that respect the rights of workers.

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Share best practices

Start travelling responsibly by adhering to our Manifesto of the Responsible Traveler, carrying out sustainable actions and sharing your commitment with others. Exchange ideas with travellers you meet on the way, as well as those that travel together with you, and encourage more people to implement best practices as a responsible traveller. When more people do it together, we make the planet a better place.

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