One of the first things that travelers want to know when they arrive in a new city is how to get around quickly and efficiently. This often means getting acquainted with the public transportation system and how to best navigate it. If you’re heading to Bucharest, here’s all the info that you need to get you zipping around the city in no time.


The Metro is one of the best features of public transportation in Bucharest
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Bucharest’s Metro system is run by Metrorex, which marks all of its stations with a blue letter M. You can find stations throughout the city in which you can buy a Metro card. Cards are available for purchase in machines or at ticket counters in the stations. You can buy a single ticket for 5 lei (about 1 euro) and it gives you two rides. A 10-ride pass costs 20 lei, or about 4.3€. At each station you must validate your ticket, which will then allow you to transfer to most other stations on the same ride. On Mondays to Fridays, the Metro runs from 05:30-23:00, and on weekends and holidays from 05:00-23:00.


The tram is an important part of public transportation in Bucharest, as it boasts 23 lines and 2 light rail lines. To ride the tram, you need to purchase a Multiplu or Activ card, both or which you can purchase at a machine next to major tram stops. The Multiplu card costs 1.6 lei, and then you can choose your number of rides. This card holds anywhere from 2 up to 10 rides, and a single ride costs 1.3 lei. It cannot be topped up again, so this is a good option for those visiting Bucharest a short time. The Activ card is 3.7 lei and can hold up to 50 lei of credit. It is a reusable card that you can use over and over again, so it is a better option for those staying for a longer time. Trams start running around 04:30 until about 23:00 at night, though you should note that intervals are irregular and do not have GPS on board to track their arrival.


Public transportation in Bucharest is easy when you take the bus
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The same Activ and Multiplu cards for the trams are also used for the buses in Bucharest. The prices and timetables are the same as the trams, and there are several lines that can take you to where you need to go. There is also a night bus service that runs from 23:00-04:30 when the regular buses are out of service. However, these buses are quite infrequent during the nighttime, so it is best to consult the timetable to best plan out your trip.


Additionally, there is also a trolleybus service within Bucharest’s public transportation network. The trolleybuses also use the Activ and Multiplu cards, so you can conveniently switch from one mode of transportation to another on the same ticket. There are currently 15 lines, which are currently under expansion. The trolleybuses also follow the same schedule as the trams and buses. Keep in mind that the trolleybuses can get quite full, so be sure to keep a close eye on your personal belongings during your ride.

Taxis and ride-sharing

Even though there are tons of options when it comes to public transportation in Bucharest, depending on your journey you may choose to opt for a taxi or ride-share. While it is easy to find a taxi out on the street, you can also try Uber or Taxify to compare rates. If you order a taxi, note that the price should be about 1.39 lei/km, and make sure that the meter is turned on so you can watch it. As in many cities, cab drivers sometimes try to take advantage of tourists, so be firm when talking with your driver. For this reason, you might want to choose Uber or Taxify, especially since they are easily accessible from your smartphone.

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