One of the most stressful things about preparing for an upcoming vacation is the packing process, and narrowing down exactly what you need to bring with you. If you’re heading to Athens soon, use this guide to help you pack for the weather, no matter what the season. That way, you can avoid over-packing and save more room for souvenirs!


Like much of southern Europe, Athens enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which means hot, sunny summers and mild, wet winters. As you would expect, the majority of rainfall is in the colder months, from October until April. Warm weather prevails most of the year, with little rain in the summer. Let’s take a look at each season to get a better idea of what to pack for the weather in Athens.

1. Spring

Spring is a popular time to visit Athens due to its agreeable climate and plentiful sunshine. Many travelers choose to visit in May as summertime approaches, resulting in longer days and warmer temperatures.

  • March: temperatures range from 8-16°C, for an average of 12° during the daytime. There are about 6 hours of sunshine per day and 40mm of precipitation during the month.
  • April: temperatures are between 12-21°C, with a daily average of 16°. There are 8 hours of sunshine per day and 31mm of rain during the month.
  • May: the weather shifts to summer during May, with temperatures ranging from 16-26°C. The average daily temperature is around 20°, which is quite pleasant for traveling. Sunshine averages around 9 hours a day, and rainfall 23mm for the month.

What to bring: if you’re visiting Athens in early spring, it’s best to bring layers and be prepared for cooler temperatures.

  • A light jacket and closed-toe shoes are musts, in addition to light sweaters and comfortable clothing for layering.
  • Don’t forget to bring an umbrella during March and April for unexpected showers.
  • In May, you might want to bring a pair of shorts or some sleeveless shirts for warmer days.

2. Summer

While many people travel in the summer, it’s important to note that temperatures soar in Athens in these months. It’s hot and dry, and many places in the city have little shade to shield from the sun.

  • June: expect beautiful weather in June, heating up towards the end of the month. Average temperatures range from 20-31°C, with a daily temperature of 25°. Daylight stretches the days out, resulting in 11 hours of sunshine daily. Average rainfall is 11mm monthly.
  • July: one of the hottest months of the year in Athens. Daily temperatures range from 23-33°C, and there are 12 hours of sunshine per day. It’s quite dry, with only 6mm of precipitation.
  • August: still quite hot and dry. Temperatures are exactly the same as July, as is the average hours of daily sunlight and precipitation.

What to bring: to pack for the weather in the summer, you need to be sure to bring items to protect yourself from the sun and heat.

  • Sunglasses, a hat or cap, and plenty of sunscreen are essential.
  • It’s also a good idea to bring a small water bottle you can carry around to keep hydrated.
  • Make sure you pack light, breathable clothing that is comfortable in the hot summer heat.
  • Bring sandals or shoes that are comfortable for walking. Some parts of Athens can be quite steep, and since many of the sidewalks are marble, and sometimes uneven. Make sure your sandals are flat and have enough traction so that you don’t slip.

3. Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to visit Athens as the summer heat fades away, but the sunshine and pleasant temperatures remain.

  • September: if you can, this is an ideal time to visit Athens. Temperatures are between 19-29°C, with an average of 24°. Expect 9 hours of sunshine a day and 14mm of rainfall during the month.
  • October: still very sunny and warm, great for sightseeing and traveling. Average temperatures are between 15-24°C, averaging around 19°. There are 7 hours of sunshine a day and 53mm of precipitation. The rainfall increases quite a bit from September to October.
  • November: as it starts to turn to winter, this month can get chilly. On average, temperatures are between 11-18°C, with a daily high of around 15°. There are only 5 hours of sunlight as the days become shorter, and 58mm of precipitation.

What to bring: as you’ll notice, the fall starts to cool down as showers and rain increase. To pack for the weather in fall:

  • Be sure to bring an umbrella or light rain jacket, and shoes that are comfortable for walking even in the rain. Like the spring, it’s important to bring items that you can layer, as it can be quite warm during the day but chilly at night.
  • In November, be sure to bring warmer items, including a light scarf and maybe even a heavier jacket.


Winter is cold and wet, but the advantage is that there are often less travelers visiting Athens in these months.

  • December: temperatures are between 8-14°C, with a daily high around 11°. There are only 4 hours of sunlight and 69mm of rainfall.
  • January: expect temps between 7-14°C, with a daytime high of 10°. There are 4 hours of sunlight and 57mm of rain.
  • February: similar to January, temps are between 7-14°C, with a daytime high of 10°. Expect 5 hours of sunshine and 47mm of rainfall.

What to bring:

  • as you can see, you will need a warm jacket and winter apparel, such a scarf, cap, and sneakers or boots.
  • It’s better if you have items that are waterproof to protect against the frequent showers. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella!

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