When travelling to a new destination, one of the most important experiences that can’t be missed is to taste the local cuisine and specialities. If you are a foodie traveler and in love with fresh seafood, you need to read our following selection of the 5 best seafood restaurants in Cascais.

1. Marisco na Praça

Marisco Na Praça is ideally located in the traditional market right in the city center of Cascais and just next to the fresh fish, flowers, and vegetables. They are well-known for serving one of the freshest and tastiest seafood in the area. If you are a fish lover, you’ll enjoy their choice of tasty local products which can be chosen directly in the restaurant. In fact, they have a shop window from which you can select your favorite seafood specialities to order.

2. Restaurante Mar do Inferno

Located in Boca do Inferno, this classic restaurant is a memory of many local families. Here you can have the best local fresh fishes and enjoy the incredibly generous portions and delicious sauces. Restaurante Mar do Inferno not only has an incredible variety of seafood, the service is authentic and you can truly experience the heartwarming Portuguese hospitality and vibe.

3. Hífen

Hífen has a modern interpretation of Portuguese cuisine, and it is one of the most popular go-to places for travellers & locals alike for a change of taste.
Hífen is an incredibly charming and high-quality restaurant with a keen eye to detail and extra attention to get only the best fresh seafood served in the most unique way. Their delicious & original dishes are designed to share between friends & family, and it’s the best to taste them along with the amazing cocktails from the bar.

4. Porto Santa Maria

This iconic restaurant is a must-visit when you want to celebrate special events in Cascais. Porto Santa Maria is famous in the city not only for its incredibly flavorful seafood, but also for the elegant and chic setting. When eating here, you’ll also have the possibility of tasting the finest wines to be accompanied by the exquisite local cuisine.

5. Moules and Gin

Moules and Gin it’s a peculiar restaurant and a different choice between all the standard ones you can usually experience. This restaurant in fact, not only has a great selection of fresh seafood, but it also serves them in a fun steet-food style. Besides this, they also have a wide choice of delicious cocktails to be combined with their remarkably tasty specialities.

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