Did you know that Madrid hosted more than 900 film shoots in 2021?

Madrid is an attractive location for film production due to its historical and contemporary architecture, visually appealing streets, and diversity of locations. There have been many famous movies filmed in the capital of Spain and every year more directors are choosing Madrid as the perfect location.

Certainly, Madrid is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture, which makes it a popular destination for filmmakers. From Hollywood blockbusters to independent films, Madrid has been the backdrop for many iconic movies over the years. Here you can find some of the most famous movies filmed in the Spanish capital.

1. Pain and Glory - Pedro Almodóvar

Pain and Glory is one of the most recognized movies that was filmed in Madrid by the famous director Pedro Almodovar. Cine Dore, located in the neighborhood of Lavapiés is one of Almodovar’s chosen locations to film. Cine Dore is known as one of those magical places you can find in the city, it is a small contemporary cinema that portrays the culture of Spain. We can observe Cine Dore both in Pain and Glory and Talk to Her, another one of the many movies Almodovar has filmed in Madrid. Almodovar has constantly found inspiration in Madrid since the beginning of his career and continues to rely on its charm for his movies.

2. Open Your Eyes - Alejandro Amenábar

Open your eyes tells the story of a 25-year-old man who after having his life figured out suffers from a physiological mystery. In this movie, we can see Gran Via as the location for the iconic scene of the main character, Cesar, driving over Gran Via and then getting out of the car to wander across Madrid’s main street because everything had changed. In this scene, we see Cesar wandering across Gran Via facing Plaza España, one of the biggest squares in Madrid and one of Madrid’s popular tourist destinations.

3. The Bourne Ultimatum - Paul Greengrass

The Bourne Ultimatum is an action thriller film that had different scenes in different locations across the world, such as Berlin, Paris, New York and Madrid. Madrid was the location chosen to play as Turin. For this, they chose one of the most charming coffee places in Madrid, “Cafe del Principe”, from which you can see La Plaza de Canalejas, and it is located next to Puerta del Sol, the symbolic centre of Madrid that was historically one of the gates in the city in the 12th century. 

4. The Cold Light of Day - Mabrouk El Mechri

This 2012 movie starring Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis was filmed in the capital of Spain. It is the story of a man who is visiting his family in Spain and he goes to different places in Madrid such as Plaza Mayor, Parque del Retiro, Puerta del Sol, and the train station Atocha. El Retiro park is the most famous park in Madrid where tourists and citizens go constantly to spend their day with friends and family, and also in close proximity to some of the most impressive museums in the city. The main attraction of the park is the Palacio de Cristal, a glass building that is used for different types of exhibitions.

5. Witching & Bitching - Álex de la Iglesia

Once again, we see Puerta del Sol as a main location for the iconic movie starring Mario Casas. In this scene we see Mario Casas playing the role of a thief who is stealing from a store in Puerta del Sol. This show has a lot of action scenes mixed with humor for the people to stay interested in the plot.

Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies, action films, or dramas, there’s a movie filmed in Madrid that’s sure to entertain you. From the stunning architecture to the vibrant street scenes, Madrid has a unique charm that has captured the imaginations of filmmakers from around the world.

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