The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is the cream of the crop when it comes to food markets. This market is iconic in the Spanish capital, and there’s no better place to start your food journey. Here’s your guide to eating and shopping your way around this iconic landmark in Madrid!


The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is the best-known food market in town.

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The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is the city’s food mecca. Every day, any number of fresh, local ingredients arrive to the market for the locals to buy. When you think of a food market, you most likely think of fruits and vegetables, of which there is an abundance. However, this food market goes so much further than that. Fresh fish and seafood, meat, dried fruits and nuts, eggs and more come in from near and far to be showcased here. Homemade Spanish cheese, delicious cured meats, Spanish ham, and olives add to the delicious aroma that permeates the air. Around every corner you’ll find something that plays a part in traditional Spanish cuisine.

The locals love to shop here and at other neighborhood food markets for the quality of food that you just can’t get at the supermarkets. As you browse the numerous kiosks around the Mercado de San Miguel, you’ll notice that each vendor takes pride in showing off their best products. While you’ll notice that the market is crowded with tourists eating their way around, you’ll also notice many madrileños buying ingredients for the day’s meal.

Address: Plaza de San Miguel, s/n


The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is a great place to shop and eat!

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No doubt looking at all of the delicious food in the market will make your stomach start to growl. All that shopping will surely work up an appetite! But did you know that people go especially to the Mercado de Sant Miguel in Madrid just to eat? Tourists and locals alike come to this food market in the La Latina neighborhood to tapear, or munch on tapas. There are stalls for food that is prepared and ready to eat, and even some tapas bars where you can sit down and have a full meal! To get a real taste of Spanish cuisine, here are a few stalls that you can’t miss:

  • Paella by Rodrigo de la Calle: a variety of paella and rice dishes. You’ll find traditional Valencian paella, seafood rice, and even fideuá, a noodle alternative.
  • El Señor Martín: fresh fish and seafood. You can sample some of the best seafood in the country here, prepared in a wide variety of ways. Looking for a tasty and affordable option? Try a cartuchito, a paper cone filled with fried seafood like squid, octopus, and cuttlefish!
  • Arzábal: pinchos and tapas bar. Discover Spanish delights like Galician-style octopus, salmorejo, croquetas, and Spanish ham. The menu changes to best utilize fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  • Raza Nostra: meat, meat, and more meat! Craving a juicy steak or mouthwatering burger? Tapas showcasing the finest cuts of Spanish meat? Raza Nostra is just the spot for all of the carnivores out there!

These are a few examples of places in the market where you can enjoy a delicious meal. That said, if you simply stroll through the Mercado de San Miguel, you’ll see that many vendors offer small portions of food for just a few euros. You can snag little bites of seafood over pieces of bread, small cones of olives or cured meats and cheeses, and so much more. These tastings are a great way to sample the best of the market without filling up at one spot.


The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid not only has delicious food, but exquisite wine, too!

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The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid not only has delicious food, but exquisite drinks, too! As there are several bars within the market, you’ll have no trouble finding a spot to wet your whistle. Whether you prefer a local Spanish wine, ice-cold beer, or a handmade cocktail, there’s something for you.

  • La Hora del Vermut: vermouth and tapas. Vermouth is having a moment in Spain right now, so you should try at least one glass at the market! This stall features vermouth made from wines found all over Spain, including local wines from Madrid. Pair your glass with some fresh olives or other vermut snacks like banderillas and gildas. This is the perfect way to start of your meal, as Spaniards say vermouth opens up your appetite!
  • Pinkleton & Wine: wine and cava. The market’s bodega, Pinkelton & Wine offers more than 200 varieties of wine and cava from near and far. Enjoy a glass (or a few) to sample the best of the world of Spanish wine. Once you’ve found your favorite, you can pick up a bottle to take home!
  • El 19 de San Miguel: wine. Another wonderful bodega in the market, designed to give visitors the ultimate experience. The wine list is updated every 3 months and carefully picked to offer the most exquisite selection. Be sure to ask the bartender about tastings and pairings!

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