One of the most exciting ways to get to know a new city is to start by browsing its local markets. You can take in the intoxicating smells and tastes of the local cuisine, browse handmade and unique goods, and discover what’s important to the culture and its people. You’ll find that Bucharest is no exception, and that the city’s markets offer limitless goods and items to browse all day long. Here are some of the top markets in Bucharest that deserve a browse!

1. Piaţa Obor

The first place you need to hit up is Piaţa Obor, which is Romania’s largest market and one of the oldest, too. It has been around for more that 300 years, including a location change and renovations over time. Interestingly enough, the Piaţa Obor market used to be the site of the city’s gallows! It’s open every day starting from 7AM, closing up later in the afternoon hours. The market is about 4 kilometers northeast of Old Town, the city center, but it can easily be accessed by public transportation.

Expect to find a wide variety of fresh, local produce, spices, meats, cheeses, and handmade artisan goods. As with any good food market, you’ll find delicious Romanian cuisine that is ready for the eating. Be sure to come hungry, since there’s a lot to sample! Locals swear that the market’s mici, or grilled meat similar to uncased sausages, are the best in Bucharest. You can’t go wrong with an endorsement like that!

Address: Strada Ziduri Moși 4

2. Piaţa Matache

As you continue your cruise of the best markets in Bucharest, make a stop at Piaţa Matache. Also another of the city’s oldest markets, it too has moved locations over the years, and not to the locals’ liking. Piaţa Matache is similar to Piaţa Obor but on a much smaller scale, making it easier to see everything that the market has to offer. Fresh fruits and veggies are in abundance, as well as a superb variety of cheeses and dairy products. A lot of the produce comes from local farmers in the surrounding areas, with new, fresh arrivals coming in daily. If you really want to discover what Romanian cuisine is all about, this is a great place to start.

Address: Strada Cameliei

3. The Antiquities Collectors Market

Looking for something other than food markets? Try the Antiquities Collectors Market, also known as Târgul Colecționarilor de Antichități locally. Twice a month, in front of the Suțu Palace, you can catch this small flea market that sells antiquities like old coins, jewelry, ceramics, and vintage photographs. During the second and fourth weekend of each month, you’ll find various vendors selling their goods in the morning hours. The Suțu Palace also houses the Museum of Bucharest, so the market makes for a nice stop-off before taking in some culture.

Address: Strada Covaci 3-1

4. Piaţa Amzei

Piaţa Amzei is the city center’s market, as Piaţa Matache and Piaţa Obor are located outside of the Old Town. It makes for one of the best markets in Bucharest because of the variety of products available, location, and liveliness of the area. In addition to the fresh food and produce that you expect from a local market, you can also find a number of floral stalls, gourmet stores, and vintage items. On the weekends, more vendors come to the plaza to sell various items, and the neighboring restaurants and cafes are bustling with business. If you’re looking for the food market experience in a convenient location, Piaţa Amzei won’t disappoint.

Address: Strada Piața Amzei

5. Valea Cascadelor

Valea Cascadelor is the biggest flea market in Bucharest where you can find countless treasures to remember your trip to Bucharest by. You can find just about anything you can imagine here, since sellers gather every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday to sell a variety of goods. They range from clothes and jewelry to memorabilia to toys, and just about everything else in between. You can try to bargain with the vendors if you see something that catches your eye and want to negotiate on price. Keep your eyes open and you never know what you’ll find!

Address: Bulevardul Timișoara, 111

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