Olala Homes is beyond excited to announce the opening of new, beautiful vacation rentals in the Kypseli neighborhood of Athens! Joining our other apartments in Syntagma and Kolonaki, these flats are comfy, stylish, and have everything you need during your stay in the Greek capital. That said, why Kypseli?

Kypseli is currently one of the trendiest, up-and-coming neighborhoods in Athens. Just a century ago there were only a scattering of houses and vineyards here, but it gradually grew into a suburb just over a mile outside of Athens. It is now a part of the city and is actually one of the most densely-populated neighborhoods in the world. So why are so many people drawn to the Kypseli neighborhood? Here are 5 reasons why its the coolest place to be in Athens!

It’s diverse

The Kypseli neighborhood is a wonderful example of diversity in every sense of the word. A wave of immigration in the 1990s brought in immigrants from all over the world, who brought their cultures and traditions with them. Because of this, you can find an array of cuisines to sample from, shops that carry different specialties, and a uniqueness that is all Kypseli’s.

This is also true of the neighborhood’s architecture and style. Walk down one street and you might find modern, concrete apartment buildings. Walk down another and you’ll find neo-classical homes and buildings that date back to the neighborhood’s origins. While you won’t find the ancient ruins that Athens is famous for here, you’ll definitely be surprised by the charm that Kypseli brings to the city.

There’s green space

Since the Kypseli neighborhood is so populous, some quality green space is a necessity. Its 50,000 residents get some air and peace walking down the wide, tree-lined Fokionos Negri Boulevard. This pedestrian avenue is closed to traffic, so people come and go at their own pace. Not only is it the ideal place to go for a stroll, but people also love to hang out and spend the afternoon here eating, drinking, and reading at the plethora of bars, cafés and restaurants that seem to be open all hours of the day. Fokionos Negri offers Kypseli a bit of quiet and relaxation in the heart of the neighborhood.

Delicious food is everywhere

If there’s one thing that you’ll find plenty of in Kypseli, it’s an abundance of places to eat and drink. As mentioned, you can find many of the neighborhood’s bars and restaurants along Fokionos Negri Boulevard. If Greek cuisine is what you crave, try O Bakalogatos (a local favorite), Oi Nostimies tis Mairis, or Family Cafe. If you’re after something more exotic, Kypseli offers any array of cuisine that includes Turkish, Ethiopian, Hungarian, and Mediterranean food. There’s something for every taste and budget, so you’ll never go hungry here!

It’s artistic and eclectic

The Kypseli neighborhood has a bit of everything. In addition to great eats, you’ll find shopping, theater, and culture, too. The Kypseli Municipal Market, once the neighborhood’s food market, is now a public space for local events and businesses. It’s quite modern, which contrasts with the old art Deco buildings, open-air markets, and taverns in the area.

Along Kefallinias Street, there’s a handful of theaters that are frequented by the neighborhood’s culture vultures. Artists are attracted to this area because it’s not too far from the center and has very affordable housing. Because of this, Snehta was opened in 2012, the first artists’ residency in Athens. Another must-visit for art lovers is Blank Wall Gallery, a photography gallery and studio.

There’s plenty of nightlife

No trip to Kypseli is complete without a drink or two at Au Revoir, the oldest bar in Athens. It was established in 1958 and retains much of its old-school charm. Rumor has it that Au Revoir was the favorite watering hole of Frank Sinatra when he visited Athens back in the day. Another great place to get a drink is St. George’s Square, which seems to come to life once the sun goes down. There are a handful of bars and restaurants here that stay open well past dinnertime, so it’s the perfect way to end a beautiful day in the Kypseli neighborhood.

Address: 28is Oktovriou 136, Athens, Greece
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7 PM – 3:30 AM

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