Being a digital nomad means that the world is your office, to work when and where you want. Places like Chiang Mai, Valencia, and Bali are magnets for nomadic workers, but one place that’s on the rise is Bucharest. The Romanian capital is an excellent choice for remote workers, and one that many are falling in love with. Discover just why digital nomads in Bucharest are so drawn to this city, and why you will be, too!

Bucharest is cheap

One of the very first things that a digital nomads thinks about when considering a place to hunker down in is the cost of living. Bucharest is so appealing in this respect as it is one of the cheapest European capitals and you get a real bang for your buck. Housing is affordable and easy to find in the Romanian capital, either by renting an apartment or booking hostels. Alternatively, house and pet sitting make for cheap stays, too.

Food and other amenities cost less than in more popular European cities, making Bucharest that much more attractive. The Nomad List goes into further detail, exploring the cost of living for digital nomads in Bucharest, one of its top selling points.

Internet is fast and accessible

Another of the city’s big draw-ins for remote workers is the lightning-fast internet. Romania has some of the fastest internet speeds in the world, which is a dream come true for digital nomads. Not only is it among the best in speed and stability, it’s also among the most affordable. For as little as €8 a month, residents of Bucharest enjoy a top-notch service that not many countries can compete with.

Relaxed coffee shop culture

You won’t be hard-pressed to find good cafés for digital nomads in Bucharest to work from. The capital has quite a coffeehouse culture and a plethora of trendy spots to grab a caffeine fix that also have great wi-fi and a chill atmosphere. Some favorite spots for remote workers include:

Check out this list and discover the perfect café for you!

Tons of coworking spaces

If you need a more formal or quiet space to work, never fear. Bucharest is home to several coworking spaces for all tastes and budgets. For as little as $5 a day and up, you can find the perfect place to connect, work, and focus while taking advantage of the space’s facilities.

Traveling is easy

Part of the appeal of being a digital nomad is the ability to explore the world at your leisure. Traveling outside of Bucharest is simple and quite affordable, whether you want to explore more of Romania or hop over the border to somewhere else. Arranging a day trip outside of Bucharest is hassle-free with public transportation, as the buses and trains are very well-connected. Digital nomads in Bucharest also find that flights in and out of the country are routinely $50 or less to other European cities. The world really opens up when you have a budget like that!

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