While there are countless things to see and do in the Greek capital, there are also several great day trips from Athens that you should try to fit into your vacation! Whether you’re looking for a bit of relaxation, adventure, or to dive deeper into ancient Greece, there’s a trip for everyone. Here are 6 unforgettable day trips to consider when visiting Athens!


Delphi is one of the top day trips from Athens to take!
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Visiting Delphi is one of the most popular day trips from Athens as it is easily accessible by car or public bus. There are several buses a day that make this trip, a round trip ticket costing 16.40€. If you wish, there are also many companies that can take you there faster by private bus. This day trip is for those who love history and want to know more about the ancient world. This UNESCO world heritage site is home to the Oracle of Delphi and considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Stop to visit the several sanctuaries to Apollo, as well as the museum, which holds countless artifacts.

Distance from Athens: 120 kilometers

Cape Sounion

Ruins, amazing sunsets, and breath-taking views of the Aegean Sea? These are just a few of the things that you can experience when you visit Cape Sounion. Cape Sounion is the southernmost point of the Attic Peninsula and is home to the temple of Poseidon, where the land meets the blue Aegean. You can reach the cape by car or by public bus from the Athens city center. Visitors flock to the temple around sunset to see the golden glow of sunlight through the iconic columns of the monument. There are also great dining options around the area, so you can make this a half or full day trip.

Distance from Athens: 70 kilometers


Another great option that’s easy to do by public bus is Mycenae, a citadel from ancient Greece that is now an important archaeological site. Mycenae was the kingdom of the Mycenaeans, a ancient Greek civilization. They built an impressive fortress and towering city walls, which still stand today. Mycenae was a hub of activity during the Bronze Age, and because of this they left many artifacts behind. In addition to seeing the ruins, be sure to stop inside the site’s museum to browse its collection of artifacts. Mycenae is one of the most popular day trips from Athens for those who love history, culture, and adventure!

Distance from Athens: 120 kilometers


Escape to Aegina on a day trip from Athens!
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Want to get a taste of the Greek islands? Head to Aegina Island, just a quick ferry ride away! There are several companies that can shuttle you to the island all day long. This is the ideal day trip for those who want to experience the Greek islands but don’t have time to fit in the bigger, better-known ones. Aegina has beautiful beaches where you can catch some sun, but also has impressive ruins from the 7th century BC. You can visit the island’s archaeological museum, or simply enjoy some fresh seafood and Greek cuisine at the restaurants. You’ll love this little slice of paradise!

Distance from Athens: 40-90 minutes by ferry


Hydra is another great option for those looking for some sun and island time, just a short distance away from Athens. You can take a ferry from the port in Athens and be on Hydra in about 2 hours. There are no vehicles allowed on the island, so it’s quite peaceful and easy to get around on by foot (or donkey!). The island is known for being a home to artists, so you can see many galleries and shops lining the streets to showcase their work. The architecture on the island is outstanding, too. Hydra is where you need to go to disconnect from city life and tap into the essence of the Greek islands.

Distance from Athens: 2 hours by ferry


The ancient city of Corinth dates back thousands of years, its remnants of which we can find just a bus or train ride away from Athens. The people of Corinth contributed so much to the artistic and military aspects of ancient Greece, so it’s no surprise we can still see these elements in the ruins today. Points of interest are the Corinth Canal and the bridge across it and the temple of Apollo. It’s also worth noting that St. Paul lived here, and preached from the Bema Platform, which still stands.

Distance from Athens: 83 kilometers

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