The benefits and freedoms associated with being a digital nomad are endless. The ability to pack up your things and see the world when and how you want to is just the very beginning! However, part of being a digital nomad is that you need to have a workspace that’s equipped with everything that you need to get the job done. If you’re setting up shop in the Greek capital for a bit, here are 6 coworking spaces in Athens that you can’t go wrong with.

1. Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a meeting place for individuals from all backgrounds and sectors to work, mingle, and network. It’s one of the top coworking spaces in Athens, right in the heart of the city, because of the fantastic options it gives workers. Whether you’re an individual looking for a place to get something done, or a team coming together for a project, there is flexibility for all workers. Stone Soup also has private offices and event spaces for rent. You can also find other digital nomads and workers in Stone Soup’s lounge areas, kitchen or yoga classes, if you’re looking to network and socialize.

Address: Charilaou Trikoupi 18

2. Tzaferi 16

Tzaferi 16 is an award-winning coroworking space that is modern, stylish, and organized. Offices are available to rent, in addition to meeting rooms and event areas. This coworking space used to be a factory, so it has an industrial feel that’s carried through to its current re-purposing. It’s right next to the Benaki Museum in the center of Athens, and can be conveniently reached on foot or by public transportation. And as with any coworking space, Tzaferi is decked out with an amazing entertainment area. Facilities include a basketball hoop, pool table, and bikes to hop on to explore the neighborhood.

Address: Tzaferi 16

3. The Cube

The Cube houses many startups and is the home base for many developers, freelancers, and digital workers in Athens. Not only does this coworking space provide top-notch work areas, they have seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities, too. Members of The Cube are highly encouraged to participate in activities where they can meet other professionals to learn and grow in their trade. Members can also take part in yoga classes, hikes, and other recreational activities as a group. This way, you can find the perfect work/life balance in good company!

Address: Aiolou 73

4. Romantso

Romantso gets its name from the magazine that was once published in the same building. The space has since been revamped and houses more than 20 offices and workspaces. Romantso is one of the top coworking spaces in Athens for its late hours, fully-equipped offices, and benefits for members. Want to try a yoga or dance class after work? Romantso offers a variety to let workers blow off steam and meet other digital nomads in the process.

Address: Anaxagora 3

5. Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a coworking network with offices around the world, including Athens. Members and workers are invited to come and work, but also to go beyond that. Impact Hub prides itself on attracting globally-minded individuals who seek to network and build the future. While workers come from all backgrounds, many dedicate themselves to social projects, environmental action, and fair trade. This is the spot for you if you not only are looking for a comfy place to work, but want to meet other like-minded people who are building a brighter future.

Address: Karaiskaki 28

6. Athens Makerspace

Athens Makerspace is the place for those who make things and love to work with their hands. It’s one of the most creative coworking spaces in Athens and gives members access to a range of tools and machinery. You bring your own materials and can use Athens Makerspace’s equipment to do projects in 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, jewelry-making, electronics, and more. There are many classes and workshops open for members to learn more about their passion and bring people together. If you live to create, this is the place for you!

Address: Andrea Dimitriou 59

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