While it’s true that Bucharest has so many fantastic options when it comes to dining, one thing that any traveler needs to experience is the city’s street food. These simple dishes are close to the hearts of the local residents, and for good reason. Not only is Bucharest street food delicious, it’s wonderfully cheap, too!

1. Covrigi

First up, get your carb fix and try covrigi, Romania’s version of of soft pretzels. While foods like these can be found in countries like Germany, Greece, Turkey, and Serbia, each one puts its own special twist on the recipe. In Romania, bakers twist ropes of dough into the shape of a pretzel and sprinkle them with toppings before going in the oven, Most commonly, covrigi are covered in sesame or poppy seeds and salt. However, sometimes they can have a filling to make them heartier. You can choose sweet or savory here, as covrigi can be stuffed with nuts, fruits, cheese, sausage, or chocolate. You can usually pick up 1 covrig for around 10 RON, or just about 2 euros.

2. Gogosi

Next up, you’re in for a sweet treat. Gogosi are Romanian-style doughnuts, and who can say no to a delicious cloud of fried dough? Gogosi come in many shapes and sizes, from bite-sized to a nice portion to hold you over for a while. These sweets are usually fried to perfection and stuffed with fruit or jelly. Sometimes, savory versions may contain meat as well. You can find simpler gogosi with no filling, that are more light and airy. When they’re fresh out of the oven they are simply irresistible!

3. Kürtőskalács

Another delicious pastry that you need to try are kürtoskalács, also known as chimney cakes, that originate from Transylvania. They are based on another pastry that you can find in countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic and are most recognized for their unique shape. These tasty, doughy cones are roasted over an open fire and dusted in sweet toppings like cinnamon, sugar, coconut, or chocolate powder. Since kürtoskalács get their unique shape from coiling the yeasty dough before cooking, most commonly they are eaten by uncurling the dough and then taking a bite.

4. Merdenele

If melted cheese inside layers of fluffy puff pastry makes you swoon, then you need to try merdenele. Perfect for breakfast or a snack, these little squares of savory goodness can be found at just about every corner bakery. Merdenele are a popular Bucharest street food because they are cheap and easy to take on the go.

5. Plăcintă

Another popular pastry to try (sensing a theme here?) is plăcintă, or Romanian cheese pie. There are several varieties that come in different shapes and sizes, but most usually they come in the form of a hand pie made from layers of filo and stuffed with something inside. Most usually they are filled with salty cheese, like feta, however sometimes they may have ingredients like potato, raisins or ricotta inside. For just a couple of euros, you can enjoy, a salty, filling pastry that’s as delicious as they come.

6. Street corn

Believe it or not, corn on the cob is a Bucharest street food that is wildly popular with the locals. This tasty snack will curb your cravings for something savory in the best way, as they are often slathered in butter and sprinkled in salt. While street corn may seem so simple, it’s something that you absolutely need to try when it comes to Bucharest street food.

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