Summer is here, which means that it is officially beach season in Barcelona! There’s no better place to be as the temperatures climb and the the sun shines down. The beaches draw in visitors from all over the world every summer since there is so much to see and do along the seaside. To make sure that you have a fun and safe beach season, here are some tips to navigate the beaches in Barcelona like a local!

The beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona has 10 public beaches within the city limits, which span across 5 kilometers of the city’s coastline. All of the beaches are easily accessible by public transportation, or within a walkable distance, depending on your location. The beaches in Barcelona remain lively all year long, but are buzzing with activity throughout the summer. There are tons of activities to suit all interests at the beach and in the surrounding neighborhoods that are sure to please everyone. The most popular beach in Barcelona by far is Barceloneta, but each one has its own charm and appeal. All of the beaches in Barcelona have the European blue flag of excellence to note their pristine waters and facilities. The beaches are:

  • Banys Forum
  • Llevant
  • La Nova Mar Bella
  • La Mar Bella
  • Bogatell
  • Nova Icària
  • Somorrostro
  • Barceloneta
  • Sant Miquel
  • Sant Sebastià

How to get there

Barceloneta, one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona
Photo by cgespino on VisualHunt

As stated, all of Barcelona’s beaches are very well connected by public transportation. If you’re headed to the sandy shores from within the city, you can use the bus, tram or Metro to get you there. There are several Metro stops along the coastline, mostly Line 4 (yellow line). Not to mention, you can walk or rent a bike for a beautiful ride to the seaside. Since public transportation is so well connected in Barcelona, you can get to the beach from anywhere in the city in no time!

Beach season facilities

The beaches in Barcelona are open all year round to the public, but to ensure safety, swimming season is from mid-May until mid-September. During this time, when the temps are high and the water is warm, there are lifeguards on duty to monitor the beaches. Beach-goers have access to public facilities like the washrooms, first aid center, and police safety points during this time, too. The water is tested and the beach is cleaned every day in the summer to ensure a memorable and amazing experience for every beach lover. It’s important to note the flag system at each beach to let you know if it’s safe to swim.

  • Green flag means you’re good to go
  • Yellow means swim at your own risk
  • Red flag means no swimming allowed

With all of this in mind, you’re guaranteed the best experience possible at the beaches in Barcelona!

Tips and safety

The beaches in Barcelona are the place to be in the summer!
Photo by Stuart Pinfold on VisualHunt

Barcelona is a very safe city in general, but there are some precautions that you should take at the beach.

  • First off, pack your beach bag with plenty of strong sunscreen and water to protect yourself from the sun. Be sure to re-apply every couple of hours and drink water generously.
  • While there isn’t a lot of crime in Barcelona, it’s not uncommon for petty crime to take place, especially at the beach. Make sure to never leave your belongings unattended, as pick-pocketing is quite commonplace. Make sure if you go for a swim that someone sticks around to keep an eye on your things for you.
  • Lastly, be sure to use common sense when out on the water. While there are lifeguards and other safety precautions in place, you can never be too careful!

Things to do

The beach brings in sunbathers and those who love to swim, but there is so much more to do at the beach in Barcelona!

  • Do you love to kayak or paddle surf? Head to the Centre Municipal de la Vela and you can try both. All equipment is available for rental, as well as lessons for newbies.
  • Feel like stretching your legs? The Paseo Marítimo offers a long stretch of smooth walkway along the beach wear you can walk, run, ride a bike, or roller blade along the coastline.
  • If you’re looking to relax a bit and get a drink or eat, don’t worry! There are tons of beach bars along the the coastline that serve delicious Spanish cuisine and refreshing drinks to hit the spot.

There’s something for everyone at the beaches in Barcelona!

Centre Municipal de la Vela: Moll de Gregal, s/n

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