Right in the heart of Athens, The Greek capital, the neighbourhood of Psyri (Psiri, Psirii or Psyrii) harbours a cultural oasis of street art and bohemian lifestyle.

Psyri is the epiphany for lost souls who wander around looking for inspiration. Right next to the metro station of Monastiraki, and just within a 5-minute walk from the Ancient Agora of Athens, this neighbourhood is the place where things happen. Full of the coolest spots in town, this neighbourhood nestles all the trendy bars, local cafés and art galleries in sight.

If you want an authentic and vibrant experience in Greece, this is the place to stay. The bohemian atmosphere and dynamic vibe will accompany you from day to night. At dawn, the neighbourhood comes to life, and the liveliness of the area welcomes you to experience it.

So what makes Psyri so special and captivating?

1. It’s in the centre of town, close to most of the capital’s major attractions

Psyri is known for its convenient location. Right in the middle of the ancient city of Athens, Psyri is a few minutes away from most of the local attractions. The neighbourhood is one of the oldest ones in Athens, and is part of what we call the “Historic Triangle of Athens”, formed by Syntagma, Monastiraki and Omonia Squares.

2. It entices you with its bohemian lifestyle and cool street art

The streets of Psyri are the most vibrant and authentic of all of Athens. The local artists in town have created unique atmospheres for you to walk by. Colourful walls and mesmerizing art gallery windows will surround you and accompany you while you discover the neighbourhood.

3. It’s the place for trendy coffee shops and instagrammable bars at night

One thing for sure, Psyri knows how to have fun. If you want to spice up your Instagram feed a little bit, you will definitely find a place to take a cute picture while you enjoy a good artesanal coffee in one of the neighbourhood’s cool spots. And for the night owls, there is always something to do and somewhere to go in Psyri. Take a walk around the neighbourhood and let the night hook you.

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