Every year in May, digital art comes to the forefront in all of its forms at the Athens Digital Arts Festival. This year, the festival is taking place from May 24th until the 27th, which is coming up quick! This festival is dedicated to digital arts, but what exactly does that mean? Here’s all the information that you need to enjoy this yearly event!

A bit about the festival

Athens Digital Arts Festival
Photo by Ari He on Unsplash

Since 2005, the Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) has become a springtime staple in Athens, a city with deep history and roots in the arts. This festival was created with the idea to promote the digital arts, especially in a new and exciting way. Digital arts are works of art that are achieved through technology or digital processes. Created by Multitrab Productions, a non-profit organization, the original festival included performances, videos, expositions, and installations. The festival has evolved over the years to include more and more things to entice and intrigue patrons. Currently, ADAF includes a whole host of things for festival-goers to do and see as it has expanded and grown throughout the last fifteen years. It is the most highly-regarded digital arts festival in Greece.

What to expect

The Athens Digital Arts Festival is a feast for the senses. You don’t just look at art, you experience it through a variety of activities and exhibits. Attendees can take part in workshops, experience interactive installations, and explore the creative arts through a digital lens. Live A/V performances, screenings, and talks by digital artists are also some of the big crowd-pleasers that keep people coming back year after year. Each year has a theme upon which the installations, events, and activities draw inspiration from. The themes are carefully chosen to make attendees consider both technology and art in our lives and future. Both are important parts of our society that evolve and grow, as we do. The theme for 2018 is “Singularity Now.” This theme explores the future of the “Technological Apocalypse” through science, art, and technology.

Practical information

Athens Digital Arts Festival
Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

The Athens Digital Arts Festival is a fantastic event that looks to bring in anyone with a curiosity for art, tech, or simply looking to be amazed. Because of this, you can score free tickets to the festival by signing up online! Since this event is free, there’s no reason why you can’t spend a weekend in wonderment as you take in a festival unlike any other. The ADAF also has a Facebook page and website so you can check the program of events and activities scheduled for each day and see what suits your tastes. The 2018 event is taking place at Megaron, a concert hall in Athens. The festival takes place over the course of 4 days, Thursday through Sunday.

Now that you know about the Athens Digital Arts Festival, all you have to do is sign up for your ticket online! It’s that easy to enjoy one of the most unique festivals that Athens offers each year. Enjoy yourself and a fantastic weekend of digital art in this incredible city!

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