While Bucharest, the capital of Romania, offers visitors so much to see and do, there are also many astounding day trips that you should make time for during your vacation. Castles, countryside, and magical villages are just a few of the things that you’ll find beyond the city limits. To really see Romania, here are 6 amazing day trips from Bucharest that you definitely need to add to your list!

Bran Castle

Bran Castle is one of the most essential day trip from Bucharest to take!
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Travel to the mysterious and mythical Transylvania and see one of Romania’s top attractions, Bran Castle. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe the name Dracula might? This castle is linked to the Dracula Legend, and is the one that is thought of as “Dracula’s Castle.” Even though it’s not evidenced that this is the castle Bram Stoker had in mind when writing his novel, it’s the only one in the region that best fits the description. You can plan a visit to the castle, which now serves as a historical museum. Enjoy the breathtaking views from Bran castle, too, as it is perched on a mountaintop in the Călimani Alps.

Distance from Bucharest: 180 kilometers (2.5 hours by car)

Peleș Castle

Another of the most interesting day trips from Bucharest that you can take is two hours north to see Peleș Castle in Sinaia. This 19th-century architectural gem is a sight for the eyes, set against the backdrop of the surrounding Bucegi Mountains. It’s German new-Renaissance design ranks as one of the most unique and beautiful castles in all of Europe. It’s only about 35 kilometers from Bran Castle, so you can definitely castle-hop see both in the same day!

Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania

Distance from Bucharest: 142 kilometers (2 hours by car)

Prahova Valley

If you want to get a breath of fresh air, head to the Prahova Valley in the Carpathian Mountains. Make your destination the village of Slănic, where you can see the amazing Unirea Salt Mine. Head below ground level and see the wonders of the earth, but remember to bring a sweater, as it can get chilly! When you emerge, follow any of the beautiful hiking paths in the area to see the mountainous countryside.

Distance from Bucharest: 119 kilometers (1.5 hours by car)


Visit Brasov, one of the best day trips from Bucharest!
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Pop on over the Brașov, a Transylvanian city located in the Carpathian Mountains. This picturesque city is loaded with Gothic and Renaissance architecture, and brings in many tourists every year. It is historically important in Romania since it was founded by the Saxons in the year 1211, and became a walled citadel. Stroll the streets to see the famous Black Church, the town hall, and the beautiful rolling hills and forests.

Distance from Bucharest: 171 kilometers (2.5 hours by car)

Paitra Craiului National Park

Meaning “Prince’s Stone” in Romanian, this national park really is a jewel to behold! This is one of the best day trips from Bucharest to take if you’re looking for adventure and the outdoors. Many believe this mountain ridge to be one of the most awe-inspiring spots in the Carpathian Mountains. Visitors can enjoy views of the mountains, the beautiful forests, and experience the biodiversity of Romania, all in one spot. Paitra Craiului has caves, forests, mountains, and meadows to explore and enjoy.

Distance from Bucharest: 188 kilometers (3 hours and 20 minutes by car)


Last, but not least, on our list is Constanța. It is significant because it is the oldest city in Romania, whose foundations date back to 600 BC. Since it lies on the Black Sea, visitors can take in lovely seaside views and enjoy the many bars and restaurants along the port. The historical center is notable for its outstanding architecture, museums, and many shops. Another big draw for tourists is the Casino, also located on the port. Find out for yourself why Constanța is one of the most-frequented day trips from Bucharest!

Distance from Bucharest: 225 kilometers (2 hours and 15 minutes by car)

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