Right after the Coronavirus pandemic has started affecting the world, we felt the importance of doing our part to help the community go through this unprecedented global crisis. That’s why we decided to join Airbnb Open Homes Project, to host healthcare workers in Madrid and Barcelona.

About Airbnb Open Homes Project

This project dates back 2012, when hurricane Sandy badly hit New York and hosts started to offer their homes for free to neighbours forced to evacuate.
Inspired by their generosity, Airbnb opened up this project, which grew rapidly expanding to a wide variety of emergency situations.

Airbnb's Open Homes' Project
Source: Airbnb Open Homes

That’s why, as the Covid-19 hit the world, this important project extended its purpose to start helping medical staff around the globe fighting the illness.

Olala Homes’ Participation

This is an important cause we proudly endorse. As we support medical staff, we are creating a better environment for all. It’s just a small effort to us, but we know it can have an impact for the local community.

Therefore, we signed up to the program on Airbnb, and were ready for requests of free accommodation by anyone in one of the Open Homes’ categories by the portal.

We are operating in four different countries around the world (Spain, Portugal, Greece and Romania), with the Headquarter in Barcelona. Among the locations, we received the majority of requests for healthcare staff working in hospitals in Barcelona and Madrid. These two cities have been two of the hardest impacted ones all over Spain. As of today, Spain has reached almost 300k infected and 30k deaths (source: WHO).

One of Our Heroes: Zaida

Source: Zaida

In Barcelona and Madrid we have around 200 properties, so we did as much as possible to accommodate all the requests we received.
Among nurses, doctors and hospital’s cleaners, we had the pleasure to host Zaida for almost one month, a young nurse working in a central hospital in Madrid.

Source: Olala Homes Facebook Page

Olala Homes’ Reinforced Cleaning Protocol

Among the initiatives we took after the coronavirus pandemic, an important one is implementing a reinforced cleaning protocol. Based on the rigorous cleaning procedures we originally had, we designed a more effective and even stricter way of cleaning and disinfecting our properties in order to maintain all of them and their communal areas cleaned.

Our Commitment for the Future

Participating in Airbnb Open Homes Project is a small act; it is nothing compared to the devotion of the medical workers and many others fighting the battle. However, we strongly believe that we are an integral part of the community, and it is our responsibility to actively contribute to the creation of a safe and sustainable environment by giving what we do best – providing hospitality.

We will surely continue to participate in Airbnb Open Homes Project and many other initiatives, and do our part, however small, to keep our community safer and better.

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If you’re planning your next trip to Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Athens, Bucharest, or Sinaia, count on Olala Homes as your top choice in accommodation!