The perfect souvenir is one that is unique to the place you’re visiting and will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. If you’re searching for the perfect things to buy in Bucharest, here are some things you’re sure to love.

1. Handmade ceramics

Horezu ceramics serve as a beautiful reminder of your trip to Romania, as well as a fantastic addition to your home. This craft comes from Horezu in southwestern Romania, and is on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This pottery is the result of generations of hard work and follows a traditional production process. You can easily find Horezu ceramics in Bucharest, as they are a point of pride among the Romanian people. Look for pottery with bright colors and unique designs for something that is truly special and authentic.

2. A traditional Romanian blouse

For those who are into fashion, one of the most perfect things to buy in Bucharest is a traditional Romanian blouse. Called “ie“, these embroidered peasant blouses are seen as a work of art in Romanian culture. Light and breezy, these linen or cotton blouses don intricate, hand-sewn designs on them with beautifully-colored thread. The ie is a part of Romanian heritage but is still an important part of fashion today.

3. Handmade jewelry

Jewelry is a wonderful souvenir because you can remember your trip to Bucharest every time you wear it. There are also so many options when it comes to buying handmade jewelry. Handmade beaded jewelry, like bracelets and necklaces, were popular with Romanian peasants in past generations. Many Romanian women still wear this jewelry due to its cultural significance. You can find some fantastic pieces at the Village Museum shop. Additionally, Bucharest also boasts many local artisans who sell modern, unique pieces from different materials.

4. Romanian Easter eggs

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Art lovers will also want to look at Romanian Easter eggs, another of the most beautiful things to buy in Bucharest. The art form of painting eggs goes back hundreds of years in Romania. Romanian women delicately paint religious or cultural symbols and designs on these hollow eggs to celebrate the Easter holiday. Bursting with color, these eggs are a stunning representation of Romanian artistry and craftsmanship. You can find them in Bucharest at the Village Museum throughout the year, or at local fairs around the Easter holiday.

5. Oltenia rugs

If you’re looking for the perfect thing to buy in Bucharest to really show off in your home, consider purchasing an Oltenia rug. These traditional carpets are from Oltenia, a region in southern Romania. They are the only handwoven rugs in Europe to portray designs of birds, people, and flowers, in addition to geometric patterns. In the past, every part of the weaving process was done by peasant women by hand. Today, many follows the same traditions to create stunning, colorful rugs and carpets that last a lifetime.

6. Homemade jam and honey

In generations past, Romanian mothers and grandmothers took great pride in making homemade jams. Romanians love jams, as they bring back fond memories of family and childhood. Some local favorites that are unique to the area are walnut and rose petal jams, in addition to a plethora of fruity varieties. Also, the Romanians are just as mad about local honey as they are jams. Beekeeping and honey-making go back thousands of years in Romania. There are many different varieties to sample, with distinct flavors.

7. Romanian wine

Who wouldn’t want to receive a delicious bottle of wine as a souvenir? Romanian wine is one of the best things to buy in Bucharest for those who consider themselves foodies or winos. Winemaking is also a practice that is thousands of years old, going back to ancient times. Old Town has a multitude of wine shops that carry some of the best examples of Romanian wine that you can sample and purchase.

8. Leather goods

Romanians have been perfecting the art of crafting leather for centuries. Bags, boots, purses, you name it. In addition to being top-quality, many pieces are embroidered with traditional designs and patterns that honor Romanian heritage. You can find leather goods all over Bucharest in a range of prices.

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