Chances are that when you’re strolling the streets in Barcelona, you’ll see many of the local bars offering vermouth on their menus, boasting theirs as the best in town.

What is vermouth?

This fortified, spiced wine is the drink of choice for many locals in Barcelona and has become a fun tradition in the city. Vermouth is white wine that is aged with a variety of spices until it becomes dark red in color. It’s sweet, but has a punch of spices that keep the sweetness in check. Every producer uses their own blend of spices, but usually yo can taste cinnamon, cardamom, and other deep spices. It’s usually served chilled with a bit of orange or olives for garnish.

“Fer el vermut,” or “have a vermouth” in Catalan, is the art of sharing a vermouth and snacks with friends before lunch. On any given weekend you can find the bars packed with people having a vermouth in Barcelona, sharing drinks, snacks, and laughs. Here are some of the best places in the Ciudad Condal where you can have a delicious vermouth, just like a local!

Bodega lo Pinyol

Bodega Lo Pinyol is in in the heart of funky Gràcia and is always one the most popular places to have a vermouth among the locals. What sets Lo Pinyol apart are its 3 separate areas: the main bar; the library, where you can enjoy your vermouth with a cozy book; and an interior room that is more private and perfect for fostering a good conversation. Enjoy your vermouth with classic vermuteo snacks like stuffed olives, marinated anchovies, or crisp potato chips and you’re all set!

Address: Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 7

Senyor Vermut

Enjoying a vermouth in Barcelona is a must!Don’t be surprised if when you get to Senyor Vermouth during the early afternoon you’ll have to fight to get a seat! The homemade vermouth is what brings people in, and their delicious tapas are what keep them there for hours. Many claim that it is the best vermouth in the city. Pair yours with patatas bravas, fried calamari, or a classic bomba Barceloneta to make it extra special. Even better, this is a favorite of the locals for a vermouth in Barcelona. No tourist traps here!

Address: Carrer de Provença, 85

Morro Fi

Morro Fi is a big name in vermouth in Barcelona, with several locations scattered around the city. This little bar specializes in vermut negre, its homemade vermouth and claim to fame. This is the bar of choice for world-famous chef José Andrés when he is craving a vermouth in Barcelona, so you know it’s gotta be good! In addition to vermut negre, try their marinated anchovies and and the stuffed red peppers for a real taste of Morro Fi!

Address: Carrer de Consell de Cent, 171

Bar Electricitat

You have to enjoy a vermouth in Barcelona!
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Where can you refuel after a day at the beach? Bar Electricitat in Barceloneta! You can order vermouth by the bottle to share around the table in addition to some great Spanish cuisine. Be sure to ask the staff for their suggestions when it comes to tapas, since the menu changes from time to time. Prices are great and you’ll get an electric charge from this vermouth in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer de Sant Carles, 15

Quimet & Quimet

Quimet & Quimet is the hottest tapas bar in Barcelona at the moment, so should come as no surprise that the vermouth is just as good. Located in Poble Sec, a neighborhood that is synonymous with good food and tapas, Quimet & Quimet is always packed to the gills. Be prepared to wait for a spot, but the wait is definitely worth it. A glass of vermouth goes well with any of their exquisite, homemade tapas. The delicious vermouth and mouth-watering tapas will have you coming back again and again!

Address: Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25

Bodega La Puntual

Vermouth in Barcelona is always accompanied by tasty snacks
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Mosey on over to El Born and make a stop at La Puntual for some seriously good wine and vermouth. This joint is surrounded by many other wine and tapas bars, but stands out for its high-quality food at wonderful prices. Wash down their spicy patatas bravas with a glass of house vermouth, or try their famous croquetas de jamón. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, and lively, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink with a friend or group.

Address: Carrer de Montcada. 22

La Tieta

La Tieta is about as classic as they come when you talk about bars for vermouth in Barcelona. The house vermouth pairs well with typical aperitivo snacks like stuffed olives, canned mussels, and anchovies. This bar is more off the tourist track than the rest, so you know that your experience is going to be nothing short of authentic.

Address: Carrer de Blai, 1


Tarannà is a cozy little spot in El Raval where you can get a hearty breakfast and coffee in the morning or enjoy a tasty and relaxing vermouth in the afternoon. This trendy café has fresh, healthy food that you can munch on for lunch, or simply enjoy your vermouth on the sunny terrace. Try Tarannà for a funky alternative to Barcelona’s vermouth scene.

Address: Carrer de Viladomat, 23

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