This week we are bringing you a special guest post from our friends at Food Lover Tour, a food tour company in Barcelona! Food Lover Tour organizes various gastronomic and culinary experiences in Barcelona and other cities in Spain, taking guests to the places where locals themselves love to eat and drink. As the name suggests, the foodies at Food Lover Tour have a passion for delicious food and tapas in Barcelona. Here are 7 tapas that you can sample on their Picoteo Lover Tour that are Barcelona favorites and foodie-approved. Are you hungry yet? Let’s dive in!

Andalusian-style fried squid rings and lemon Chantilly

Andalusian-fried squid is one of the best tapas in Barcelona
Andalusian-style fried squid rings and lemon Chantilly © Pepa Tomate

A favorite dish in Spain and one of the most popular tapas in Barcelona is fried squid. You can find this at almost any tapas bar, but for something more refined and unique, you need to try Andalusian-style fried squid with lemon Chantilly! Crispy, salty fried squid pairs perfectly with light, whipped lemon Chantilly, as the brightness balances the flavors. This dish is a picoteo favorite. Picoteo is sharing large plates of food in a group to picar, or pick, some bites from the plate. You won’t be able to eat just one bite, we promise!

Fried green tomatoes with Camembert

After trying some mouth-watering Andalusian-style squid, make room for fried green tomatoes accompanied by Camembert cheese and tomato jam. This unique tapa is so delicious because it balances so many flavors at once: the creamy Camembert, sweet jam, and lightly-fried tomatoes. Even though this dish might sound strange, it’s something that keeps the locals coming back for more.

Spinach fritters with garlic honey aioli

These spinach fritters are a sampling of the best tapas in Barcelona
Spinach fritters with honey aioli © Pepa Tomate

One of the star tapas in Barcelona are spinach fritters that are lightly glazed with a garlic honey aioli. It may sound like a crazy pairing of flavors, but this fritter is simply divine! The garlic aioli will have you licking your fingers and wanting more. Additionally, this tapa is always a fan favorite with Food Lover Tour’s guests. These spinach fritters are so delicious that you’ll want to order a plate just for yourself!

Manchego cheese topped with anchovies and olive tapenade

Next stop on this tapas crawl is for some traditional Manchego cheese topped with fresh anchovies from Cantabria and  black olive tapenade. This tapa brings together ingredients and traditions from different regions of Spain, culminating in one savory bite. If when you think of anchovies and the only thing that comes to mind are overly salty, fishy pieces from a can, think again! Fresh anchovies from Cantabria are sought after all over Spain for their distinct flavor. Even more, paired with creamy cheese and olive tapenade, the taste is something you won’t soon forget.

Galician mussels

Mussels are a foodie favorite and definitely one of the tastiest tapas in Barcelona!
Galician mussels from las Rías © Els Sortidors del Parlament

Next up are Galician mussels straight from Las Rías: plump, juicy, and bursting with flavor! Mussels don’t need much dressing up, since the mussel itself is a sensation to taste. When you try Galician mussels, pair them with a local white wine, or even a vermouth! Vermouth is what the locals in Barcelona love to drink, and every bar has their own take on the drink. Either way, these mussels are sure to delight.

Smoked sardines on toast

If you’re wary to try sardines, don’t be! Sardines fresh from the Spanish coasts and them smoked to perfection are then graced on top of toast to create a salty, crunchy, intense bite. This tapa is quite simple because the ingredients and flavors do all the talking. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you’ve never tried sardines before!


Pichos are a fun way to eat tapas in Barcelona!
Pichos Anardi 3 © Food Lover Tour

A different way to try tapas in Barcelona is to go for pinchos, delicious bites of food stacked on bread and held together on a stick. It’s always a fun experience to bar hop and try a pincho or two and then move on to the next stop. Pinchos can contain any number of tasty bites like local sausage, smoked meat or fish, grilled veggies, or patés. At the end, your sticks will be counted and that’s how you know what to pay. It’s that easy, and such an exciting culinary experience!

If you would like to join Food Lover Tour on one of their award-winning food tours in Barcelona and eat like a local, you’re in luck! Use promo code OLALAFLT10 when booking your tour on their website and you will get 10% off your booking. This code is valid until December 31st, 2018 and valid for one-time use per email address. Have fun eating, exploring, and trying the best tapas in Barcelona!

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