Bucharest is an incredible city that often gets overlooked by travelers for more well-known destinations in the west and north of Europe. These travelers are missing out! Bucharest is quickly gaining attention for its astounding architecture, interesting museums, beautiful Old Town, and so much more. Here are seven reasons why you need to visit Bucharest and discover this gem for yourself!

You get more bang for your buck

One huge advantage when you visit Bucharest is that it is much more affordable when compared to other European capitals. Not only are many flights to Bucharest cheaper, you’ll find most activities in the city are as well. Eating and drinking is reasonably priced, as well as admission into popular museums and tourist sites. 1 euro is about 4.5 Romanian Lei, 1 US dollar is about 3.9 lei. A beer in Bucharest will cost you about 1.5€, much less expensive than most places in Europe!

The Old Town is beautiful

Visit Bucharest and discover the city's Old Town
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The Old Town in Bucharest is a treasure trove of stunning architecture from the city’s past and present. Get lost in the streets as you make your way around and see the sites. Check out the Parliament building, the old banks, and the Stavropoleos Church, to start. The Old Town is the heart of Bucharest, so it’s the best place to begin exploring the city!

It’s not as crowded as other European destinations

During peak travel times, you can expect long lines, crowded restaurants, and throngs of people in major European cities. Skip all that and visit Bucharest! You won’t find the city as crowded as other popular tourist destinations, giving you a chance to relax and enjoy your trip. Bucharest is a bit off of the beaten path, so it’s perfect for travelers looking for something new and exciting.

Parks and greenery abound

Herăstrău Park is one of the many reasons to visit Bucharest!
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While Bucharest is quite modern and cosmopolitan, there is still a lot of green space to escape to throughout the city. For a change of pace, visit Herăstrău Park. This park contains a large lake as well as several recreation facilities for the public. Go for a walk, a boat ride, or even play a round of golf! Within the park you can also see the Arcul de Triumf and the Elisabeta Palace, the home of the Romanian Royal Family. Enjoy the shady trees and gentle breezes on a hot summer day, or the changing colors in the fall. Herăstrău Park is the place to slow down and get in touch with nature in Bucharest.

Herăstrău Park: Șoseaua Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff 32

Culture and festivals galore

The locals in Bucharest adore culture, so there is no shortage of theaters, concerts, and events to attend. Visit the city’s museums and galleries to get a sense of the local culture and art scene. Bucharest also has many different fairs and festivals throughout the year so there is always something to do and see. Additionally, the nightlife scene is quite vibrant as the locals love to go out and enjoy Bucharest by night.

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There’s a buzzing culinary scene

Visit Bucharest and discover Romanian cuisine at Caru Cu Bere
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If you don’t know much about Romanian cuisine, visit Bucharest to sample some of the best food in the country. Try traditional Romanian dishes like sarmale and mititei, which are local favorites. You can munch on these at the famed Caru’ cu bere which is a traditional Romanian beer hall and restaurant, complete with music and traditional dress. The international cuisine food scene is also growing, so there are options for everyone!

Caru’ cu bere address: Strada Stavropoleos, 5

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See Count Dracula’s court

Discover the history that inspired the classic Bram Stoker novel and make a trip to the Old Princely Court! This was the home of Vlad Țepeș, also known as Vlad the Impaler. He had the palace built in the 15th century and it served as the home of the Wallachian princes. The Old Princely Court is now one of Bucharest’s most important museums. Dive deeper into Dracula’s history and make the trip to Snagov, 25 miles north of Bucharest, where the count is believed to be buried.

Old Princely Court address: Strada Franceză, 23

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