One of the benefits of taking a staycation is that you get to live like a local for a period of time. Whether you are a super organized traveller or a spontaneous one, an app that helps you navigate your home away from home is always a big plus to enjoying your time in Spain.

We’re sure you’ll find our list of the 5 most useful apps if you are planning a holiday or staycation in Spain really interesting. Keep on reading!

1. City Mapper

City Mapper Barcelona
Source: City Mapper Website

City Mapper isn’t just a regular map service. If you travel by public transports, you can check them in real-time routing, and see all the upcoming rides. Once you get on, you’ll be able to set up an alert to ring and remind you to get off at your stop!

For those travelling on foot, besides the regular trail/directions, you’ll see how many “croquetas” (a typical Spanish tapas dish) you will burn. What a creative incentive to encourage people to walk more (and eat more croquetas!)

Moreover, City Mapper also has a chat feature that allows you to update friends and family on where you are in real-time.

City Mapper is available on iOS and Android.

2. Pack Point

Source: PackPoint Website

With PackPoint you can forget the hassle of packing. This app allows you to create a customized list of everything you’ll need for your trip.

To start organizing your getaway, type your destination, travel dates, length of stay, and the activities you are going to do there (biking, hiking, or even just exploring your destination), then the app will do the magic. Once all the information is filled, it will create a custom packing list which you can also save to use again on another trip. In addition, the app checks weather conditions for you and also allows users to share their lists with other travellers.

PackPoint is available on iOS and Android.

3. Eatwith

Source: EatWith Website

Are you always looking for authentic local food experiences during your travels? If you do, Eatwith app is a must-have!

This app lets you participate dinners organized by locals and being hosted in their homes, so you can connect with the local culture while enjoying the most typical food.

If you are passionate about cooking, and you’d love to learn how to cook some typical foods you tasted, EatWith is ideal for you: it has a dedicated section for online cooking classes.

EatWith is available on iOS and Android

4. AllTrails

Source: AllTrails Website

If you a hiking lover you can’t miss AllTrails in your phone.

Type your destination in the app in order to find out all the trails and routes available in the area. Each route has lots of detailed information, including length of the trail, estimated duration, elevation gain, interesting monuments along the route, reviews and much more. You can also check and download the full map, or search the trail by tags such as “Kid friendly”, “Historical site” etc.

AllTrails is available on iOS and Android.

5. Guides By Lonely Planet

Source: Guides By Lonely Planet Website

The iconic travel guide is now available as an app, to be always in your pocket when exploring a new place!

Guides By Lonely Planet has more than 8000 cities available, and all the guides come with useful offline maps as well as information on attractions and monuments.

If you are travelling with kids, you can find an entire Kids section, with dedicated activities to be downloaded or as e-books you can buy directly through the app. Addition to that, there are hundreds of tours and sightseeing suggested, local music and cuisine experiences that you can book directly through the app for each city.

Guides By Lonely Planet is available on iOS and Android

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