The key for the best staycation experience? Finding the perfect balance between exploring the city you are visiting and having a flexible and comfortable staying option. Given the current situation with Coronavirus it’s really important to follow some tips to better enjoy a relaxing holiday in this “new normality”. Read the full article and check out our 5 useful tips to get the maximum from your staycation.

1. Choose an apartment to stay

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When coming back after a full days tour around the city, coming back to an apartment can make you feel like coming back home. That’s why staying in an apartment gives you the most comfortable feeling together with the freedom of discovering and wandering around your destination while having as much flexibility as home. If you’re off for a week or longer, you’ll feel safer when thinking about coming back to your clean and spacious temporary home.

2. Rent accommodation with kitchen facilities

Olala Homes Fully Equipped Kitchen
Source: Olala Style Apartments

Enjoying the local food in a typical restaurant is always a must-do activity, but having an accommodation which offers you the possibility of eating a quick bite home before going out will always come in handy when it comes to visiting a city. This way, even if you’re out for a whole day or you’re having a several days holiday, you won’t have to stress out and you’ll be able to choose to have a relaxing dinner home after being out exploring around. A major perk of having a kitchen at your disposal is also having all the suppleness of being at your temporary home and avoiding having any contact with other guests.

3. Avoid stays in touristic areas

5 Reasons Why the Kypseli Neighborhood is the Trendiest Spot in Athens
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Another useful tip to really connect with your destination is to avoid staying in highly touristic areas. Accommodations in such areas are often really expensive and won’t let you experiencing the local vibe, while staying in secondary, residential areas will give you a true experience of the destination you are visiting. You’ll have the possibility of wandering around a local neighbourhood and exploring typical bars, markets, restaurants etc.

4. Visit the local food markets

Tapas bars in Barcelona
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If you are a foodie a visit to the local food markets it’s a must!
There’s no better way of enjoying the local cuisine than going in a food market in a residential area. Staying in an apartment will give you the best chance to savour your local and fresh ingredients while cooking the most typical dinner at your temporary home. It’s an exclusive experience you surely won’t regret!

5. Get lost around the city

All the Best Things to See and Do in Spring in Athens
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Having it all planned it’s always useful if you want to manage visiting the main attractions, but in order to really enjoy the local atmosphere you need to get lost around the city. Try for one day to just wander around the little, narrow streets and you surely will discover hidden gems you won’t find in any travel guide!

These are our 5 best tips to have an amazing staycation. What are your suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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