Madrid, the classic, bustling Spanish capital is known for its gourmet tapas bars and restaurants. Locals and tourists alike enjoy tapas bar-hopping from spot to spot on any day of the week, savoring world-class bites and booze. Here’s your ready-made guide to the ultimate tapas crawl — from the local favourite dives to the modern tapas place counters, and those run by big-name Michelin-star chefs.

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Tinto y Tapas San Pedro

Address: C. de San Pedro, 22, 28014 Madrid, Spain

In the heart of Madrid’s Barrio de las Letras sits the vintage gourmet haven, Tinto y Tapas San Pedro, the perfect spot to kick off your tapas bar crawl. The convenient location of this place makes authentic Spanish delicacy easy to reach even in rush hours. The tapas bar offers delicious, home-cooked Spanish tapas at a very affordable and competitive price. Try the sirloin toast with brie cheese, or you can’t go wrong with the chicken empanadas.


Address: C. del Marqués de Toca, 6, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Flavourful dishes, great service, and an amazing atmosphere. Steps away from Tinto y Tapas San Pedro, GatoGato is a pleasant surprise to find in this touristic area. Curated by a Michelin-starred chef, GatoGato offers a unique menu and excellent wine and beer selection, craft and standard. Try eggplant chips with honey and goat cheese, hazelnut encrusted monk fish and calamari sandwich — the combination of sweet and savory in every dish is unmatched. Before you leave, gelato at the end will be perfect to finish.


Address: Pl. Jesús, 7, 28014 Madrid, Spain

A must-stop local tapas spot, Cervantes offers a busy, authentic and wonderful experience. Located among the Prado Museum and many tourist attractions, Cervantes is no-frills. The restaurant is mostly packed, but the service and the food are worth the wait. Don’t miss the tenderly-cooked ‘pulpo’ (octopus), a favorite of the locals, as well as a full order of the seafood platter. If you’re up to something less substantial yet heavenly, the garlicky fried potatoes are equally gratifying.

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Casa González

Address: C. del León, 12, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Founded in 1931, this historic spot is great to explore a wide selection of Iberian meats, cheeses and wines from around Spain. You can learn about the family’s history as the opposition during the civil war and the important role this hybrid gourmet shop–tapas restaurant played. Order up some of their famous cheese and pair it with your choice of wine from their extensive selection. Better yet, indulge in a draught vermouth with a speciality of ‘tostas’ – this lovely little place is sure to win you over.


Address: Avenida Menendez Pelayo 59, 28009 Madrid Spain

Spacious, bright and stylish, Lambuzo serves authentic Andalusian food from Cádiz made with excellent quality ingredients. The bar-restaurant is not only dedicated to traditional Cádiz plates, but also to infuse new vigor into the existed flavours. Make sure to try the mushroom and ham croquettes, the potato tuna salad as well as the little burgers. Finally, savour a slice of cheesecake to sublimate the whole experience.

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