As if you needed any more reasons to pack your bags and visit Sitges, Olala Homes is proud to announce the opening of our latest luxury vacation homes in this beautiful beach town! Sitges is 43 kilometers southwest of Barcelona and easily accessible by car or public transportation. Here are 5 reasons why this coastal getaway needs to be on your travel list ASAP!

1. Beautiful beaches

Sitges has 19 kilometers of coastline that are parceled out among the town’s 17 beaches. In the summer, the most common reason that travelers visit Sitges is to soak up the sun on any of its pristine beaches. Typical of Catalonia, these beaches are a mix of rocky shores and fine, golden sand. The most popular beach is Platja de Sant Sebastià because of its location near the famous church, and because it’s family-friendly. Sitges proudly is the gay capital of Spain, so there are several beaches that are hangouts for the gay community. Feeling like letting it all hang out? There’s a beach for that, too! Sitges has two nude beaches for sunbathers who are looking to avoid tan lines.

2. History and architecture

The history of Sitges dates back thousands of years to the Neolithic era, and evidence shows that Romans lived there in the 4th century. Later on, in the Middle Ages, Sitges was a small town under the control of the Sitges family. A castle and the town’s iconic church were built during this period. Those who visit Sitges now can see the architecture that shows us what life was like during this time. The historic and picturesque landmarks and monuments are an important part of the city’s past, present, and future.

For those wanting to dive into more modern history and culture, the Cau Ferrat Museum is a good place to start. This is the former home of the famous Spanish artist Santiago Rusiñol who took up residence in Sitges in the later part of the 19th century. The Maricel Museum contains a vast collection of art which dates from the 10th century until the early twentieth century. Not only is this museum intriguing and historical, its seaside views are incredible, too!

3. Delicious food

Sitges is right on the coast, so many travelers stop by just to eat an incredible meal right on the sea. Along the Passeig Marítim boardwalk, and all up and down the coast, bars and restaurants boasting fresh seafood and traditional Catalan cuisine line the streets. To get a taste of real Catalan cooking, stop by La Nansa. This family restaurant has been cooking up tasty dishes using local ingredients since 1963. If fresh fish is what you seek, try La Paradeta, Casa Raimundo, or La Marinada. No matter where you eat, incredible gastronomy is what you’re in for in Sitges.

4. Nightlife

Many come and visit Sitges not only for its idyllic beaches and delicious food, but for its vibrant nightlife, as well. Even though Sitges is a small town when compared to Barcelona, it’s got plenty to offer when the sun goes down. If you want to enjoy a cocktail or dance the night away, head to Carrer del Pecat, “Sin Street,” where the majority of the town’s nightclubs are. You can also find more on Carrer Santa Bonaventura. Since Sitges is known for its gay community, many of these nightclubs are gay-friendly or sometimes even male-only.

There are also many bars that offer a more relaxing vibe. You’ll have no problem finding an outdoor terrace to enjoy a drink on well into the night. Try Plaza Cap de la Vila or the beachfront bars to finish off a perfect day in Sitges.

5. Festivals

Sitges is home to several exciting festivals throughout the year. Carnaval, the Spanish equivalent to Mardi Gras, is a time to let loose and celebrate before the somber season of Lent. Starting on Fat Tuesday and lasting for one week, Sitges goes all out and throws an absolutely fabulous party. Parades, costumes, and a bit of debauchery are all part of the fun. This is one of the busiest times of the year in Sitges, so expect crowds!

In June, Sitges puts on one of the biggest Pride events in all of Europe, usually lasting 5 days. It’s open and inclusive to all, complete with celebrities, famous DJs, parades, fashion shows, and so much more. Again, people come from all over the continent at this time to celebrate, so Sitges gets quite an influx of visitors at this time.

Every October, the Sitges Film Festival brings in cinephiles from all over. The festival features films especially in the horror, fantasy, and thriller genres as fans prepare for Halloween. It’s an international festival that screens films, awards actors and directors for their hard work, and brings movie lovers together.

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When you visit Sitges, stay in style, class, and comfort with Olala Homes in our shiny, new vacation rentals!