The picturesque Sinaia is a characteristic Romanian city surrounded by greenery and is located in Prahova County, just an hour’s drive from Bucharest. It contains many curiosities that you will surely find interesting. Are you ready? Let’s explore it together!

1. The Pearl of the Carpathians

Sinaia is also known as the “Pearl of the Carpathians“, thanks to its strategic position, nestled within this mountain range covered with lush forests, as well as what it has to offer for its visitors. There are countless activities that you can do here – between naturalistic walks with breathtaking landscapes and visits to precious monuments and castles, your only worry here will be too many options to choose from!

Sinaia in the Carpathians
Sinaia: The Pearl of the Carpathians
Pic source: Canva

2. Nature, Castles and Mineral Springs!

Sinaia is an excellent destination for those looking to relax and detoxify from the busy urban life. It boasts pure air quality and high level of negative ionization, which is good for the body. Moreover, at the foot of the Furnica mountains, in the Cainelui Valley you can relax in the sulfur-ferric mineral baths from “Valea Cainelui” spring, well known for its highly beneficial properties.

Mineral baths Sinaia
“Valea Cainelui” Mineral baths Sinaia
Pic Source: Canva

3. Sinaia Monastery’s unique history

Founded by Prince Mihail Cantacuzino on his return from Mount Sinai (Egypt), Sinaia Monastery was the first settlement in the area. Subsequently, it gave its name to the town that was born and flourished around it.

The complex consists of two gardens surrounded by low buildings in the center, which are two small churches (the old church and the large church), both in Byzantine style. Initially conceived to house 12 monks (emulating the 12 apostles), it has grown exponentially and over the years hosted many more. A fun fact – the Great Church was the first in Romania to have electricity, thanks to the efforts of King Carol I!

Sinaia Monastery Complex Pic Source: Canva
Sinaia Monastery Complex
Pic Source: Canva

4. The hidden treasure under Peles Palace

Peles Castle is certainly one of the most emblematic monuments of Sinaia. Besides its architectural beauty, it also has a special history.

King Charles I was fascinated by the lush and mountainous area here; therefore, he commissioned to construct a castle. The castle was built by about 300 people, who completed the work in just two years, inaugurating it in 1883.

The impressive architecture of 160 rooms had many comforts back in the time – it was even the first castle in Europe to have heating!

One of the most interesting facts about it: King Charles I had dozens of golden coins buried under the cornerstone, which are still buried under the castle and are known today as “the small treasure of Peles Castle.”

Peles Castle, Sinaia - Romania
Peles Castle, Sinaia – Romania
Pic Source: Canva

5. Admire the beautiful “Babele”

Babele” in Romanian means “the old women.” What is this about?

Babele in fact, is the name of an area within the Bucegi Mountains, in the southern Carpathians. The rocks in this area appear as elongated shapes with a kind of hat (also similar to the shape of mushrooms). This peculiar shape was formed due to the erosion of atmospheric agents. In the same area, there is also the “Bucegi Sphinx“, another rock formation that has earned this name because of the similarity to the famous Egyptian catacomb of Giza.

Babele - the old women
Babele, Bucegi Mountains – Sinaia, Romania
Pic Source: Canva

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