Street eateries, restaurants with local specialty, some world cuisine and lots and lots of meat. Regardless of what you’re after, one of these restaurants will surely have you sorted. An affluent coastal town neighbouring Tel Aviv, Herzliya has a great number of dining spots. Due to its location, there is fresh seafood aplenty, however, you’ll also find other delicious options, so read on to discover some of the best culinary haunts.

1. Sabastian

Restaurant, French

From plats du jour, seafood and steaks to exceptional homemade desserts, Sebastian offers a broad range of diverse French cuisines that lives up to high standards. Immediately upon entering the restaurant, one is enveloped by its welcoming vintage vibe. Tasty and hospitable, the restaurant offers equally amazing vegan options to top it all off. Favourites include their perfectly cooked schnitzel and mouthwatering burgers.

2. Segevart

Restaurant, Fusion

Ranked as one of the ten best restaurants in Israel, Segevart offers an experience beyond fine dining. Aesthetic and attention to detail are at the forefront at Segevart, with exquisite fusion cuisine showcased across meat, the big blue and earth menus. With unique serving and plating, every dish tells its own story. Aside from the lavish meal, there is also a wide selection of international wines and cocktails to provide a well-rounded experience.

3. Bistro 56

Restaurant, Bar, Meditarranean 

Visit Bistro 56, a kosher gourmet restaurant that serves various meat dishes to the hearts’ content. Located on the second floor of the Arena Mall in Herzliya, its Terrace offers an amazing view of the sunlit harbor along with the gentle breeze. Sails, enchanting twilight, and flying seagulls together compose a prelude to the exemplary feast you are about to experience. Despite its popularity, the restaurant always provides nice and attentive services.

4. Meat Bar Burger

Restaurant, Fast food

If you are into street food, try out the arguably tastiest burger in Israel. The secret to Meat Bar Burger’s success lies in simplicity. Without fancy toppings and a sprawling menu, it focuses on just a few high-quality dishes cooked to perfection. With juicy patties, oh-so-right sauce and super soft buns, even the simplest cheeseburger is a pure delight. Offering fresh and unworldly burgers as well as speedy and top services, this place is great for eating in and take-away.

5. Nammos

Restaurant, Japanese cuisine, Fusion

Craving for authentic yet creative Japanese cuisine? Look no further and let Nammos do the magic. Serving quality Japanese food coupled with lively Israeli cuisine elements, Nammos offers an interesting menu with tasty dishes crafted from out-of-the-ordinary combinations. With perfect marina views and furnishings just right, guests will fall in love with the charming vibe. Enjoy its high-quality wine and beer, freshly-served sushi and excellent service. This place is well-loved by locals and foreigners alike, so advanced booking is essential.

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