When it comes to traveling, we know how handy it is to have the possibility of cooking a quick meal at your accommodation, before going out or a relaxing dinner after a full day. That’s why all our apartments & villas at Olala Homes have a fully equipped kitchen/kitchenette.

There are several supermarkets and different brands to buy groceries in Spain, but what about buying groceries online? We listed some of the best ones to get deliveries right to your apartment’s door and enjoy a meal without stressing out. Check them out now!

1. Deliberry

Deliberry is a grocery shopping service in Madrid and Barcelona.
It offers a wide variety of 80,000+ products from different supermarkets, bakeries and groceries around the city. Their service is super fast and the delivery can be in 1 hour or you can book the delivery for a specific time.

In addition, one of the features of the website is that you can use the service #mamashopper or #papashopper, which are specialists that will directly choose the best products on your behalf.

2. Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now Website
Source:Amazon Prime Now Website

This service by Amazon is available in Barcelona and Madrid, and is quite convenient since it has a free fast delivery service. You will receive the products you choose within two hours.

With Amazon Prime Now you can shop at local stores, groceries, supermarket or even restaurants by adding to your cart. Then, check out using your existing Amazon Prime account, and your products will be delivered to you in the available delivery window you choose. Once the order is shipped, you’ll also be able to track the driver in real time!

3. Ulabox

Ulabox Website
Source:Ulabox Website

Ulabox is another online store where you can easily buy your groceries from the supermarket, the neighbourhood greengrocer, the bakery, the fish market and much more. Their delivery service is incredibly fast too: they bring you your products within one hour from your order.

Also, in Ulabox you can find other kinds of products. For example, you will find specialist products for your pets, plants and flowers, and even hardware stores for electrical goods.

4. Tu Club de Compras

Tu Club de Compras Website
Source:Tu Club De Compras Website

Tu Club De Compras is a Spanish website with a huge variety of products to be delivered right to your door. Some of their perks include fast shipping in 24/48 hours and dedicated sections for local products such as cold cuts and cheeses.

Tu Club De Compras also offers a special section for cosmetics and ecological/Bio products.

5. Carrefour Online

Carrefour Online Website
Source:Carrefour Online Website

Between all the supermarkets and brands available in Spain, one with excellent quality products and an incredibly efficient delivery service is Carrefour. In fact, while their standard shipping (as for all the other supermarkets) is by the same day if you order by 12 PM, they also offer a “Drive Express” service, with delivery within 2 hours from the order confirmation.

On their website you can find may products, with specific sections dedicated to babies, pharmacy, pets etc.

With all these numerous and excellent groceries’ delivery services, you’re spoilt for choice!

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When you’re planning your trip to Madrid or Barcelona, count on Olala Homes! Our chic and cozy apartments are the perfect home-away-from-home!