The beautiful city of Sitges is a well-known Catalan gem in the magical Spanish Golden Coast. This entire area is famous for its long, sandy beaches and its crystal clear waters. In addition to that, you can enjoy the wide variety of tasty seafood restaurants. You’ll be amazed by the freshness of the seafood here in Sitges, exclusively selected from local producers and fishermen. Tasting a seafood meal in this amazing city is a unique experience that will make your stay even more unforgettable. Here we’ve selected 5 delicious seafood restaurants in Sitges. Try them and let us know how you like them!

1. La Paradeta Sitges

La Paradetais a small chain of eight restaurants in Barcelona and Sitges. Their winning formula with fish market-style choice of local fresh seafood is what made them famous. First, as you enter to each of their restaurants, you will be greeted by a huge and abundant fish counter. Once you choose the ingredients, you can then decide how to have them cooked. After a short while, you can start savoring the perfectly cooked dishes! Another positive note worth to mention is the provenience of their raw products. All their seafood not only is fresh and local, but is caught in a regulated environment to make sure it’s eco-sustainable.

Above all, although it’s a chain restaurant, each place has a unique atmosphere, while always remaining informal and relaxed.

2. Restaurant Casa-Hidalgo

At Restaurant Casa Hidalgo, you can enjoy an incredibly tasty seafood dinner in one of the most characteristic streets of Sitges – Paseo Marítimo. The restaurant was founded in 1987, and is now among the gastronomic excellence of the city. The products used are very fresh, and the environment is authentic. A dinner here is a must-do on any trip to Sitges!

3. Altamar Sitges

Altamar restaurant is another popular seafood spot in Sitges. The setting and the menu are incredibly refined, with a wide variety of the freshest seafood dishes to choose from. You have so many dishes to try out, but our advice is to try the black rice with Ali Oli (in the picture below), served in the classic pan like the famous paella, enriched with black rice and the exquisite Ali Oli sauce. We guarantee it’s so tasty you’ll eat one entire pan on your own. Certainly not to be missed!

4. MAMA’S picanteria

MAMA’s picanteria is really one-of-a-kind. Eating in here isn’t only an unforgettable gastronomic experience, it is a real journey into the world of Andy & Jonny, creators of this amazing place, who have invented a classy and chic environment while keeping also a family-like atmosphere. Along with this, the flavors of their dishes is just beyond description. They enriched every dish on the menu with their experiences around the world. A visit here is an experience you’ll always remember!

5. Restaurante Costa Dorada

Last but not least, Costa Dorada Restaurant descends from a long family tradition. The director and Chef of the restaurant, Joan Vidal y Bigaire creates his dishes with the savvy experience passing along from his family tradition. Opened in 1968, this restaurant was handed down by his grandfather, the famous Chef Albert Bigaire Paixò, and his grandmother . Here you can find dishes based on incredibly fresh and tasty local seafood, served with great cooking skills and passion in a charming setting.

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