It’s January, and for many, that means it’s time to start planning our 2024 travel bucket list. If you’re looking for some travel inspiration, we’ve got you! This curated list of destinations will for sure satisfy even the most avid travelers. Keep reading to discover must-see attractions, cool bars, brunch spots and unique activities!

Seville, Spain

Known for its deeply rooted cultural scene, Seville is a mesmerising destination that offers a unique blend of history and culture. Get lost in the streets of neighbourhoods such as Santa Cruz and Triana, and discover charming plazas, beautiful scenery and hidden gems. Must see attractions include Alcazar of Seville and the iconic Giralda Tower, and you surely cannot leave Seville without enjoying some delicious tapas.

Must-see attractions in Seville

Must-eat places in Seville

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is located around 45 minutes west from Lisbon and offers travellers a beautiful coastal scene. Once a small fishing village, Cascais grew into a must-visit vacation spot with its elegant architecture, sunny beaches and a vivid cultural scene. You can take a free walking tour around the most iconic spots or relax in the beach and enjoy some family-friendly water activities. Cascais is the ideal place for those who look for a blend of adventure and leisure.

Must-see attractions in Cascais

Must-eat places in Cascais

Athens, Greece

Combining ancient history with modern urban vibe, Athens is a must-visit destination for every avid traveller. History enthusiasts will truly savor the experience of exploring the Acropolis and diving into the expositions at the National Archaeological Museum. Take a walk through the charming streets of Plaka, visit the vibrant markets of Monastiraki or head to Lycabettus Hill for breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

Must-see attractions in Athens

Must-eat places in Athens

Taipei, Taiwan

This dynamic city combines ancient traditions with cutting-edge technology. The iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper stands tall in the skyline and is the ideal spot to discover breathtaking views of the city. You can discover the vibrant street food scene at one of the many night markets or explore the historic streets of Dihua and Wanhua.

Must-visit attractions in Taipei

Must-eat places in Taipei

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is known for inviting visitors to celebrate art and culture. With its artistic flair and easy going lifestyle, it’s not difficult to imagine why travellers love it so much. Your visit to Barcelona can’t be complete without a visit to the world renown Sagrada Familia. You can also enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the city from Park Güell. Take a tour around the historic alleys of the Gothic Quarter and discover the secrets that they hide.

Must-visit attractions in Barcelona

Must-eat places in Barcelona

Whether you’re planning on diving in the history and culture of Athens or dreaming about the impressive skyline of Taipei, Olala Homes is your go-to place for finding smart stays around the globe. Here’s to a 2024 filled with unforgettable memories, new adventures and catching planes.